Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration Four- Nick Bogdue

A million people gathered in Tiananmen Square to protest for freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the restoration of workers control over industry. One thing that started this protest was the death of communist party general security, Hu Yaobang. This protest lead to many arrests, led to cracking down on other protests going on in China, and officials were strengthened. The Chinese goverment got in trouble for using force against protestors. Four hundred to eight hundred died, and thousands were injured. This protest strengthed the role for the state, and this prepared officials for potential riots in the future.

This picture of protestors gatheiring in Tiananmen Square really stood out to me. It really shows you how many people were there, and gave you an idea of how big the actual protest was. It's kind of hard to picture how many people there are just based on a number given to you, but this picture really puts it into perspective.

This is a picture of a recent protest in Honk Kong. It stood out to me because it shows the intensity of the protests going on, and does a good job capturing the emotion. This shows us how passionate people are about protesting because they are willing to go through physical pain to get what they want.

St. Louis Police Officer Fatally Shoots Man- Wall Street Journal, CNN

A police officer shot and killed a 18 year old after being open fired on. The police officer said he chased the boy, and then got shot upon. He returned fire, and killed the boy. This caused a lot of people to get angry near the Missouri Botanical Garden, and a lot of the crowd thought the police officer shouldn't have shot at the boy. The situation is under investigation, and the court will decide if the action the officer took was appropriate.

Both CNN and The Wall Street Journal did a very good job explaining this situation. They both gave a lot of details, and told us the whole situation. Personally, I think that CNN did a better job then The Wall Street Journal did at covering this story. They had a video, along with  their opinion on the matter, and a tweet someone made about the situation. 

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  1. I really like and agree with both of the pictures that you chose and your thought of what stood out. The second picture really does show large amounts of not only protesting but also all of the emotion that goes into it. These people really will suffer through physical pain to display what they believe in.


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