Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Exploration Four: Danny Lucia

One of the most important things to get out of this is the courage that it took these people to stand up to their government. During this time in China, the government controlled everything and people didn't question them. When people started to ask for freedoms during the Tiananmen Square protests people around China found it hard to believe that people would do this. Even though they didn't agree with the government they just took the abuse by them. Tiananmen Square is a great example of people working together to express the freedoms they should have. This is a lesson that I learned.

This picture really shows how many people were in on the protests. After seeing this picture I was amazed because I never would've thought there would be this many people. Also they all look like they are together in this picture. You can see people with their arms linked and I thought that was really cool.
To me this image shows the passion that they had. I think that this image is one of the bests because it looks like they are celebrating a victory. This image is very positive to me because it shows a lot of people showing the different emotions towards the same thing. This photo also shows us the chaos of the Tiananmen Square protests.
The current news story that is important to me was the first Ebola death in the U.S happened. The mans name was Eric Duncan and he died 10 days after being admitted to the hospital. This is very scary that they couldn't do much for him because they don't have the proper resources. The CNN version of the report talked about Eric Duncan s life and his wife. It was more personal and it made me feel sorrow for their family and for what they are going through. They also quoted the doctors in Texas and talked about Eric as a strong person. The other news that I looked at for this issue was The New York Times. They talked to his pastor who said that they didn't touch him when giving mass. He said that they kept their distance. This article also talks more about whether he might have given it to other people.


  1. I liked the first picture you had of the protest, because it gave you a good idea of how many people were actually there. I also like your second picture, because it showed the true passion they had towards what they were protesting about. Good job Danny!

  2. I like how your photos show the severity of the situation in both cases with huge amounts of people in protest. I like to see captivating pictures of actual events.

  3. I also chose my article about the first Ebola patient in the US dying yesterday too, I liked the New York Times article also. It gave a lot of quotes of people which helps the credibility.

  4. I liked how you opened up talking about Tienanmen Square with the bravery of the students. I feel as if, many times that is over-looked because of the massacre that also took place. Also how the way in which they did the protest, standing together for freedom is really inspiring.


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