Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5 by Nate Allen

Nate Allen

Exploration 5 

1.) Esther is a character that I believe is imperative to the story because she has the patience and understanding to work with Ishmael. She also has courage to be with him and help him because when she met him he was still in a stage of violent behaviors with uproars due to things like receiving the walkman as a gift that reminded him of how things used to be.

2.) Ishmael was a cold blooded killer. Whether or not he is truly rehabilitated or still has violent tendencies, I would not want him living in the same neighborhood as me. Is it too unbelievable to think that he could snap again and start killing innocent people. 

3.) Page 131. "It was getting dark outside. as the truck slowly rocked along the busy street, streetlights flickered on. Even the shops and kiosks were lit. I was amazed how many lights there were without a generator. I was marveling at the glittering cityscape when the truck turned off the street and began galloping so heavily that we were all shaking like we were in a vibrating machine"
I like this paragraph because it is a lot like all of his other ones where he relies on his sight and hearing to paint the landscape.

4.) Page 127. "I killed the owner of this gun in our last raid. He took out a lot of us before I could get him. Since then I have used it to do some damage myself" I like this passage because it has the severe implications of other graphic paragraphs but without plainly saying it. It also shows that the boys are becoming less in touch with reality. 

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  1. I also thought that Esther was a very important character in the story. Her patience and understanding of Ishmael is exactly what he needs in order to get past that point in his life and get better.


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