Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5

1. The character that has meant the most to me is Saidu because of the story he told about his family, and just the pain he has had to go through really impacted how I felt about the book. When he told the story about what happened to him at the beginning of the war, and how his sisters were raped and taken and how his parents couldn't do anything to help them. It was just such an emotional part of the book that really impacted me, especially after he died. 

2. I feel that Ishmael can be rehabilitated with the right help, and as long as he wanted to be rehabilitated I believe that he can do it. I wouldn't personally mind if he moved into my neighborhood because he is obviously working on his problems and is getting help, so it shouldn't bother me.

3. I believe that Beah describes things really well. He is able to really bring the reader into the place or see the thing that he is describing. When he tells the stories from when he was a child it feels as though you can see the moon he is describing, or were there as he learns to skip a rock. 

4. "I didn't know what to say and also didn't trust anyone at this point in my life. I had learned to survive and take care of myself. I had done just that for most of my short life, with no one to trust, and frankly, I liked being alone, since it made surviving easier." Pg. (153)
 This impacted me because it really shows how much being in a war can change someone, especially a child. For a fifteen year old to think this way and to have lost so much already is devastating to think about. It makes you think about how fragile our minds really are, and how hard it is to put them back together once they are damaged.

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  1. I really liked that you chose Saidu as the most important character, what he went through no one should have to endure and it makes a lot of sense why he is as quiet as he is. I also really liked the quote you used. It did a good way of showing how Ishmael feels about his life and the people in it.


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