Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5

The lieutenant was one of the characters that has mean the most to me so far. He is the one that orders Ismael and the other boys to kill, take drugs, and to kill the rebels in a horrifying way. Pg. 151 quoted by the lieutenant “It will be a waste of bullets to shoot them”, as he has the boys make the captured rebels dig their own grave and then stabbing them in the legs with bayonets and then burry them alive. The lieutenant is the one responsible for Ismael’s new attitude and anger towards everything and humanity itself.

Ismael’s rehabilitation is a good thing for him even though it starts out rough for him. I would be afraid if he were to move into my neighborhood; however, Ismael needs to return back to his age and lifestyle and not the one of a soldier.

 Once again on pg. 151 Ismael uses scene very well as he dramatizes the killing of the rebels. He describes not just of their eyes and sadness in them, but of how pale they were. He also dramatizes how they screamed and kicked while being buried alive as him and the others just laughed as if it was nothing to him.

On pg. 138 Ismael quotes “As soon as they started speaking, we would throw bowls, spoons, food, and benches at them. We would chase them out of the dining hall and beat them up. One afternoon, after we had chased off the nurses and staff members, we placed a bucket over the cooks head and pushed him around the kitchen until he burned his hand on a hot boiling pot and agreed to put more milk in our tea”.  This passage really struck me as I began to realize that Ismael has turned into one of the rebels himself. He is blinded from his actions, as he is use to killing and torturing other humans. He went from a sweet innocent boy that wanted to pursue his dancing career, to becoming a rebel himself as he harmed innocent civilians for absolutely no apparent reason.

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  1. I definitely agree that the lieutenant was responsible for him to drastically change his personality. He already had been through a lot since he was on his own for awhile but then being in this situation changed him forever.


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