Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exploration 5

1.) The character that has meant the most to me throughout the book has been Esther. Although she has not be a character that as been around for very long at this point, I do not think Ishmael would have been able to recover at nearly the rate he has been able to. Esther was able to gain Ismael's trust unlike any other character was able to do post war and without having someone to trust Ishmael would have made little, to no, progress adapting back to somewhat normal life. At one point in chapter 18 Esther tells Ishmael to think of her like a sister and he reluctantly agrees to do so which really gave him the first feeling he had of family since his was killed in the war.
2.) At the point we are in the book Ismael's rehabilitation is going well. At first he showed no possibility of recovery from what he experienced during war but as time went on and he got to know and accept some of the people helping him at the camp he has started to show progress. I wouldn't have any problem with having Ishmael live in my neighborhood because although he still may have PTSD it seems as if he has gotten to the point where he can control it enough to be able to live around other people without being a threat to them.
3.) a convention of narrative Ishmael uses especially well throughout the book is his description of scene. He does a good job truly describing all the gruesome details of scenes he experienced during war that helps us as readers understand what he went through. The way Ishmael describes his scenes in the book are well written and help put us as readers in places we've never been and experiences we've never witnessed. 
4.)"we kept running until the sky swallowed the sun and gave birth to the moon. The bullets continued to fly behind us, but now their redness could be seen as they pierced through the bushes. The moon disappeared and took the stars with it, making the sky weep. It's tears saved us from the red bullets." Page 98

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