Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exploration 5

1. Esther has meant a lot to me. How much she has tried to help Ismael really stuck out to me. She got to know him and even gave him gifts related to things that she knew he liked, such as the rap music.

2. I think it is possible. I think it's just hard for him because it's the beginning of the process. And as long as he was kept under control I wouldn't mind.

3. The dialogue he uses is very powerful. You can really feel the fear he has when he describes his experiences with running from rebels.

4. ""You need to know how to cook for your palampo life" She would pause, give me a piece of dry fish, and then continue: "I want a grandchild. So don't be a palampo forever." Tears would form in my eyes as I continued my stroll on the tiny gravel roads in Mattru Jong." This impacted me because I like the sincerity of it and the humor. It was one of the only things in the book that made me smile.

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