Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5

Mitchell Huge

Exploration 5

1.Esther has been in my opinion the most influential person in the book. She has not given up on Ishmael even though he has showed her barely any respect. She gave him a Walkman and some rap and R&B cassettes. Initially he didn't like the gift but as he got into the music it really started to affect him more and more. Eventually he and his buddies did a talent show and performed to these songs.

2. After Esther gave Ismael the Walkman his rehab started to move in the right direction. I believe it deficient is possible because hes still so young. He has to relive all his memories and once he puts them in the past he will do alright. I would have to say that i wouldn't like Ishmael in my neighborhood at all. Especially at this age, maybe 20 years after the Sierra Leone incident. I would not like to raise a family with a man that has taken the lives of many people away without even caring about it.

3. One part of the book that i found surprising and something i didn't expect in the earlier reading is when he says. "All i could think about was what was going to happen with my G3 weapon and what movie my squad was watching that night, what good Marijuana and cocaine were at their disposal". This really surprised me because i couldn't picture him saying any of this through the chapters 1-10.

4."I Imagined capturing several rebels at once, locking them inside of a house, sprinkling gasoline on it and tossing a match. We watch it burn and I laugh". This really stuck out to me because it just shows how ruthless he has become over the past couple chapters. He started as such an innocent child and now he has turned into a blood thirsty warrior seeking revenge.

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  1. Reading your answer to number three, I agree that there's such a dramatic change from how Ismael was before the war and during. It definitely changed him and the way he thought of things. He was brainwashed.


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