Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exploration 5

1)  Esther has undoubtedly made the biggest impact on me, besides Ishmael. Even though Ishmael kept fighting her, she still showed unbelievable patience and unconditional love towards him. I know personally I'm not nearly as patient as she is. Because of her diligence, Ishmael began to trust her, and eventually other people also. If you think about it, that is amazing. To get someone like Ishmael, to open up and change his personality for the better, after all he's been through, shows how wonderful she was. She obviously had a specific rehabilitation route in mind beforehand, because you can see how she systematically uses things Ishmael likes (Walkman with rap music) to get him to open up.

2)  Although I think Ishmael has turned for the better almost 100%, I'm not sure how i would feel about him moving in next door to me. What he went through throughout what came to be most of his childhood was absolutely horrible. However, people are most susceptible to learning in their younger years. Therefore, it may be hard to get those feelings of survival and violence out of him since he had to endure those things for most of his childhood. Not to mention who's to say someone, like Ishmael who has flashbacks of when he was blood thirsty in the army might not relapse. Therefore, I think it would take an incredible amount of counseling, and follow ups, to keep that from happening; however, if they were to do these things, he could very well be a functioning member of society.

3) I think Ishmael does a terrific job at pointing out and describing sensory details. He does a really good job describing his emotions and his environment. Whats even more incredible is he was writing it as he remembered it; which means that even the smallest troubles he had from the events in this time frame were scarred into his brain. He also uses metaphors towards nature that I've never heard, which made the book awesome to read. Therefore, in my opinion Ishmael's strong suits are his uses of figurative language and his brutal honesty in what he experienced.

4) My favorite passage from this section of chapters was when Ishmael was flashing back to his war memory on page 150 while chasing down some RUF boys in the forest. "The forest was wet and the rain washed the blood off the leaves as if cleansing the surface of the forest, but the dead bodies remained under the bushes and the blood that poured out of the bodies stayed on top of the soaked soil, as if the soil had refused to absorb anymore blood that day." I was damn-near speechless after i read that. The imagery in that sentence made me really realize how much blood was shed in those forests among those young boys.

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