Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5

1. A character that meant a lot to me in the story besides Ishmael was the man that helped the boys out and gave them a place to stay after they severely burned their feet.  This man showed such kindness for the boys and was so willing to help even though he would get in trouble with his village if they knew about it.  He helped them a lot and I believe he was a very important person for the boys to meet.

2.  Even though in the beginning of his rehab, Ishmael was unwilling, he soon began to want to get better himself and was able to make some progress.  I believe that it is possible to recover from the things that Ishmael saw and experienced but his memories of it will never be forgotten.  He can learn to live with what happened in the past and continue on his life after it.  Ishmael with most than likely suffer from post traumatic stress disorder for a long time but eventually it will be possible to fully recover from what hes been through.
I personally don't think that I would like to have him living in my neighborhood just because of the fact that he has a very violent track record.

3.  When Ishmael was going through training as a soldier, the way he went from being almost afraid of the gun he was given, to not wanting to give it up in such a short period time showed a lot about him.  The time he spent training with his friends, then later watching some of the friends who trained with him died, hardened him.

4.  "The rebels are responsible for everything that is happening to you" (p.113) was a really powerful quote that stood out to me.  All of the awful things that Ishmael has to deal with and go through was because of what all of the rebels had done.  The loss of his family, friends, home, and anything else he took comfort in was taken away when the rebels invaded.  This quote impacted me a lot because it made me feel anger for him towards those who were to blame for his unfortunate situation.


  1. In number four you talk about all of these things that he had to deal with because of the rebels. This made me think if I were in his shoes that I probably would've done the same thing. I then realized that it really is not his fault and that the rebels caused all of this. I as well can see where your feeling of anger is coming from.

  2. I like #3 because it shows the transition between him at the start of losing his innocence and him beginning to be brainwashed. I think it had a lot to do with his leaders that were forcing him to kill.


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