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Exploration 5: Reading response using Chapters 14-18 by Jenn Peddicord

Exploration 5
 1. One character that impacted the book so far is Alhaji. He has been with Ishamel from the start and has been with him through everything. Although, they are with a group of kids that really have mangaged to stay together for the most part, Alhaji and Ishamel have really had a tag team kinda of friendship. They are soo quick to defend one another and have the kind of friendship that challenges the other to be better, in this regard they challenge eachother to be a better soldier. In Chapter 15, when they were in the truck on the way to the rebahiltation center, Alhaji and Ishamel constantly kept winking at eachother for when a good time to hijack the truck would be. Also, to in the cafeteria when Alhaji tried to break the silence by asking where the others were from, that later caused a fight Ishamel was right there to back him up. I think his impact was made by pushing Ishamel to be a better fighter which helped keep him alive but now that they are in a safe place and no longer have to be on guard all the time I think now they are harming eachother unintentionally by continually reminding them not to let their guard down because of the past trauma they had been through.
2. I think it is possible but it will definitely take time. I think the key would be to separate him from the other boys in his squad. Even though they are so close and feel like family in the state they are all they are prohibiting eachother from growth, pyscologically. I would not want him to move into my neighborhood because of his aggressive temper and his imidate reaction that violence is the answer and that killing is nothing. You see him say that a lot in these chapters that he harms these people and even kills them and feels nothing. Even once is specifically said "I didn't care, " when he killed the rebel boy on page 135.
3. I think one passage that uses scene and sense effectively would be the passage on pg 124 through 125, when they have a contest for who can kill their prisoner the quickest. I thought it incorprated sense well because of the vivide details of mainly sight, touch, hearing in this passage. It was extremely discriptive which made it hard to read at times but it gave a very vivid scene of what was happening. I think scene was portrayed well in this passage because Ishamel made me feel as if I was right there watching this all happen.
4. Page 166, "The moon was out that night and we sat at the jetty and watched it. I told Ester about the shapes I used to see in the moon when I was much younger. She was fascinated. We looked at the moon and described the shapes we saw to each other. I saw the women cradling the baby in her arms, just as I used to. On our way back to her house, I didn't look at the city lights any longer. I looked into the sky and felt as if the moon was following us. When I was a child, my grandmother told me that the sky speaks to those who look and listen to it. She said, "In the sky there are always answers and explanations for everything: every pain, every suffering joy, and confusion." That night I wanted the sky to talk to me."
I really liked this passage because it was really profound thinking for Ishamel. I think this was kinda the turning point for him. He is learning that it is okay to let people in, that its okay to remember your family and not have to be fearful of the time you lost with them. Also, I liked this passage because he incorporated and essence of his childhood and family, as well as the growth he had expierenced since the last time he thought of them.

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  1. I think the scene you choose in #3 was a great example of sense details. It was a very descriptive and really put you in the situation. It shows what he actually went through and how hard it will be to rehabilitate.


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