Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5: Haia

1. I think Esther means the most so far in A Long Way Gone other than Ismael. Her number one goal is to have Ismael open up to her and talk to her about his struggles. She wants him to be better and is genuinely trying to help him. Even with Ismael continuing to ignore her, she managed to keep trying with him.For example, she kept trying to have him come back to the hospital to see her and even though Ismael ignored her for multiple days, she finally thought of gaining his trust by getting him the cassette tapes he used to listen to with his brother and friends before the war.

2. I think it is possible for Ismael's rehabilitation because he is finally to say what he feels and remember the past before the war. Honestly, I think I would feel uncomfortable at first looking at the situation he was in before, but after getting to know him and actually knowing more about what he has gone through, it wouldn't matter to me anymore.

3. "The war memories had formed a barrier that I had to break in order to think about any moment in my life before the war." This part of the passage really explains how Ismael felt. The figurative language shows how awful he felt. Instead of actually saying he couldn't remember his life before the war, he explains that there is a barrier.

4. My favorite passage in the past chapters we just read is: "He was crying, which is when I began to believe that he was really my family, because his crying was genuine and men in my culture rarely cried." When Ismael mentioned that no one in his culture cried, it really proved that his uncle cared about him. The people in his culture try so hard to be strong even with the war going on. They never try to show anyone when they are weak. I think that puts a big impact on everyone.

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  1. I too think that it is possible for Ismael to be rehabilitated. He has been working hard at this. I think that through hard work anything can be accomplished, especially because he is willing. The passage was very powerful because it shows how strong their culture is trying to be.


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