Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploration 5 Danny Lucia

1. The character that has meant the most to me is Esther. The reason why she means so much to me is because she actually cares for Ismael. She tells him to think of her as a sister, which I think is really cool that they get that close. I like how she is one of the only ones that can get him to talk about his experiences. One event that had the biggest impact on me is when she buys the Walkman and cassette for Ismael. This really allows him to open up and trust her. If she hadn't gotten him to trust her we wouldn't have heard his stories.

2. I think that Ismael's rehabilitation is going really well. At first he does what he wants, but now I can see him calming down. He really opens up with Esther and this helps clear his mind. I think that it just will take him time to rehabilitate. The images will still be in his mind, but he will have an easier time living. Also I think that his head pains are going down a little bit too. Yes, I would want him to live in my neighborhood after rehabilitation because I would like to listen to his stories. It would also add some spice to the neighborhood.

3. I think that he really gives a really good personal description when he talks to Esther about when the bullet hits him. He really does a great job describing his emotion and physical details. These are key when doing personal descriptions.

4. I was really shocked when he showed positive emotion towards Esther because he would rarely do this. This part was very interesting to me. He says, "I began to look forward to Esther's arrival in the afternoons. I sang for her the parts of songs I had memorized that day. Memorizing lyrics left me little time to think about what had happened in the war. As I grew comfortable with Esther, I talked to her mainly about Bob Marley's lyrics and Run-D.M.C.'s too." I just thought it was really strange how all of a sudden he opened up to this person after all the people he wouldn't talk to.


  1. I really liked the quote that you used. After not being able to trust anyone and not having many people to talk to, Ishmael opened up to Esther and I believe that is a very good thing for him.

  2. The way he described his battle wounds was definitely very emotional. I felt like he actually had her feel the same emotions he felt when he was telling her about it.


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