Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration 4

On June 4th 1989, Tiananmen Square in Beijing China held a protest for Democracy movement led by students and later joined by other citizens. The protest gathered close to 1 million people in Tiananmen Square at the height of the protest. Government officials sent 300,000 troops to Beijing to control and put an end to the protest. These troops fired upon civilians and killed from 700-1,000 people. Several dozen people were executed for their participation in the demonstration and 10,000 people were arrested. It really amazes me that a country would kill its own people just because of a protest.  What also amazes me is that it was a bunch of college students who started the protest, and were able to have 1 million more people join behind them.
This photo taken in 1989 really stands out as you can see the man in the red shirt with blood all on his hands and neck. The man as well as others beside him, still stand for what they believe in as they revolt against the troops. You can see the troops tank is crushed and on fire. This photo really captures how horrific it was in Beijing, and the chaos between the Chinese gov and its people.
This picture was taken in the past week in Hong Kong as thousands of citizens protest for pro-democracy. What really catches my eyes in this photo is that this one man is taking on about five different cops on his own and still is yet to back down because he believes in fighting for what he and the rest of the protestors strive for which is their right to vote for their ruler. This shows how bad these people want pro-democracy and that they won't let anything nor anyone stand in their way of achieving their goal.

This past Monday the most decorated Olympian Michael Phelps was arrested with his 2nd DUI charge. He has entered into a six-week inpatient program to address his problem. He is no longer allowed to compete until April 6th and has agreed to his removal from the world championships team. CNN reports Phelps DUI charge with multiple tweets he made after the incident, and with many quotes of his own and coaches. They also use a bunch of old information that details his criminal history other than the most recent crime. NY Times reports his DUI with only one direct quote and everything is straight to the point of what happened without much background information on Phelps other crimes. They keep the topic on what his current status is and none to do with what other people have to say. I did notice that they both made sure to get Chuck Wielgus the executive director of USA swimming, thoughts of Phelps situation with the DUI charge.

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  1. I really liked the photos you used, they were unique but also demonstrated a sense of passion in the people of Bejing and the people of Hong Kong fighting for what they believe to be right. I also liked your articile choice on Michael Phelps I didnt even know he was charged with his first DUI and I think its almost a refreshing article to read in the midst of all the Ebola, ISIS, and the Hong Kong protests. These are all important topics but they leave you discouraged by humanity and even though this topic isn't by all means uplifting, it is something you can read and not feel burdened by.


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