Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Exploration 4

In the events that happened in 1989 in the Tiananmen Square, what I found to be most important was that the people that were the victims of this massacre were just college students protesting China's political leadership. There students were unarmed and attacked by the military who not only had assault rifles, but they attacked with tanks as well.  what we should take from this event is that we are very lucky to be in America and have the freedoms that we have.  We have freedom of speech which allows us to protest and voice our opinions of anything we don;'t agree with.

A current world news story on both CNN and the Wall Street Journal that is very important to be and should also be very important to everyone else are the news stories about the Ebola outbreaks.  The Ebola outbreak started in Africa and is spreading there and causing a lot of people to become sick.  A doctor from Texas went over there to try and help the sick people in Africa had become sick himself and was sent back to the United States to get treatment.  he is currently in Texas being quarantined in a hospital to prevent any spreading in the U.S. but I believe that him even being in the country infected with Ebola is a risk to everyone's health. A specific story on the CNN site is about how someone in Madrid has been the first person to contract the virus outside of Africa.  CNN used a lot more specific cases of Ebola as opposed to the New York Times that talked about it and its effects as a whole.  There were a lot of similar details and information between the two sites that went very into how horrible and deadly of a virus Ebola is.

This image is of the current protests taking place in Hong Kong.  This shows us a vast number of people are involved and it is a very important protest for the country. 

This is a picture of the million or so people gathered in the square to protest and mourn.  This is taken before the military came in and massacred the many people taking part in the protest.

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