Thursday, October 23, 2014

Exploartion 5: Jess Miller

A  Long Way Gone
  1. In A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, a character that really impacted me the most was Esther.  The reason that she impacted me the most was because she was the nurse that took him in after the war and took care of him.  She did little things for him through his post-war trauma, such as bring him a mixed tape full of rap music as a form of therapy.  Since Esther was so understading and helpful with Ishmael's situation, he now trusts her and goes to her when he needs help or advice.  Also, he has opened up and has been able to rely in others now too. 
  3. As Ishmael went through rehabilitation, I feel as if he definitely recovered under good circumstances. What I mean by that is how he is surrounded by such caring and understanding people, they all help him to recover because they allow him to gain that trust back with strangers and people who are close to him.  As far as wanting Ishmael moving into my neighorhood, I don't feel like it would be a bad idea, although I do feel like I would have to keep a close eye on him for he will always experience post traumatic stress and many different forms of trauma. 
  5. A specific convetion that took place in A Long Way Gone was when Ishmael Beah speaks on behalf of young people around the world whose childhoods have been scarred by violence, deprivation, and other violations of their personal rights.  This really opened my eyes to a lot of different things because as ayoung soldier you are constantly being violated and told to do things that you aren't necessarily comfortable doing.
  7. One of my favorite passsages from the book is when Ishmael states "I knew it was temporary and that we were only passing through".  I chose this passage because it is so powerful and gives us the perpective that he hasn't lost hope for his life or his friends life and he remains to have a positive attitude toward things.  He feels as if they are going to be lost forever but he wants to contiune to have hope that they will find their way.  


  1. In your first response you talk about Esther being the one that impacted you the most. I would agree 100% with your statement, to take someones mind off of war trauma especially Ismael's, is very tough to do at that young of an age.

  2. I agree that it wouldn't be too bad having him live in your neighborhood because he seemed to have successfully rehabilitated but there is always the chance of him lashing out from what he has gone through.

  3. I like how you said that Esther had one of the biggest impacts on Ismael. This is what I put down. She truly guides him and changes him a lot. I also thought that the passage you chose was very interesting. That passage was very powerful and meaningful.


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