Wednesday, October 8, 2014

exloration 4 cory smith

It was most surprising to me that it was kids our age in college protesting against the Chinese government. One side to this is that it shows that even kids our age can have this big of an effect on a country. Another side is that it is extremely sad that this many kids died at a young age. They were also there just to protest and mourn the death of the previous secretary.
This is a picture from Tiananmen Square. It just shows how young everyone there was. As you can see they are all also unarmed.
Protesters of the Occupy Central movement sleep in front of metal barricades as police stand guard outside the Government Headquarters early in the morning, while protesters block a main road leading to the financial Central district in Hong Kong October 7, 2014. REUTERS-Tyrone Siu
This picture is of protestors today blocking off police stations. They are keeping them out of the financial district. Also young adults just protesting.

I compared articles out of CNN and New York Times about the first Ebola patient to die in the US. Thomas Duncan out of Liberia came to Texas when they realized he had the disease. NY Times was more factual and to the point just based on this story. While CNN focused a lot on the patients life and family around him. It also went on to explain further on how he may have gotten it. They both used the same photo of Duncan from a interview.


  1. I thought it was crazy that the kids protesting in this were our age! I couldn't imagine doing something like this. Not only for those kids to be brave enough, but to have that much passion about something to feel the need to protest is crazy!

  2. Hi Cory! I really enjoyed how you talked about how college kids have just as much of an effect on the country compared to our elders. I feel as if our elders feel like college kids don't have as much of an effect and this shows how we are taking a stand!

  3. I like how you gave a nice sized citation to explain the picture thoroughly.


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