Monday, September 15, 2014

Nathan Finneran

While writing this poem I tried to use my notes on the video in order to get the big picture as far as the events go. I approached writing this poem by making the events leading up to Phillipe's tight rope walk in the first stanza and the actual event in the second stanza. As far as revisions go I made a few changes with wording and structure. I tried to "add me" to my poem but found it didn't flow with the original poem.
Strolling Through the Clouds

Years of preparation for a one day show
Thinking about his moment, the whole city below.
130 feet separating each symmetrical high-rise
A quarter mile high, to fall would surely be his demise.
With only an inch thick cable, Philippe Petit was going to do it
It was his dream; there was no way he would submit.
Disguised as a construction worker he prepared his stunt
After 7 years tomorrow, his dreams he would confront.

The next morning he stood atop the towers, it was finally his time
He took his first step onto the wire, not much thicker than a dime.
After a few steps he grew confident with his stride
He had no idea it would make him front-page news worldwide.
After a few crosses spectators began to gather in amazement
And even when cops arrived he stayed on the wire rather complacent.
Once satisfied, he returned to the roof and was detained
But the astonished tower owner dropped the chargers and Petit’s freedom was regained.

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