Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jonathan Shim

While writing the poem, I had looked into many of Philippe Petit's quotes on how he felt during his amazing accomplishment. As my approach to writing the poem I used a quote to talk about a general idea in each stanza separating them by showing how he felt, the event taking place, what he had exactly accomplished in doing this, and what it all meant to me. Once submitting my first draft and seeing what I needed to revise, I ended up writing two additional stanzas putting more of myself into the poem and what his affect was on me. Also I wanted to end my poem with the last line stanza to truly try and emphasize how Philippe Petit felt, and his views on dreams.

Jonathan Shim
English 1110.03 1:15pm
Petit’s Walk

“I know it's impossible. But I know I'll do it!”
Didn’t know how,
Didn’t know when,
Just knew that he was going to
Join the birds in the sky and fly south to north.
130 feet across, 1360 feet down,
Only in trust that the 1 inch path,
Would take him exactly
Where he wanted to be.
“They had become my friends.”

Looking up at Philippe,
Flying with elegance,
Gliding from cloud to cloud.
Nervous to see a man fall,
But very hopeful that he makes it across.
Not only once, not only walking.
8 times, 45 minutes, laying with the birds,
Only to take breaks in-between the dancing.

Petit didn’t just overcome a personal accomplishment,
But in doing so he showed just what it meant to
Go after your dreams no matter,
How impossible it may seem.
You can never turn down a challenge
“It's impossible, that's for sure. So let's start working.”

Walking the rope showed me,
Showed the world,
Dreams don’t end when you wake up.
I now want that.
I now want that moment,
When you come face to face with your dreams.
Making the choice of faith, whether or not
To take that leap.
And at the end of the day to be able to say,
You flew.

“You need dreams to live, it’s as essential as bread to eat and roads to walk on”.


  1. I really liked how you talked about Petit following his dreams, and how we should go after ours no matter what. I like the line "dreams don't end when you wake up" that you used ! Great job Jonathan!

  2. Hey Johnathan! I really liked the word choice you used throughout your poem and I also really like the line about him joining the birds flying in the sky. Good job on your poem!

  3. This poem flowed together really nicely and the tone you used made me imagine the story in my head. Good job on your poem.

  4. Your poem has great form and I really enjoyed how emotional it was and the tone of your poem. I thought it flowed really well.

  5. i really liked your poem, it was almost as inpsiring as was Phililpe Petit's story..the way you wrote was very put together and it flowed really well. I really like the whole last stanza!


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