Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tony Frantz Paragraph & Poem

For my poem I decide to write the first stanza all about Philippe and the second stanza all about the reactions of the people watching. Throughout the poem I gave it my best shot to make it rhyme and have a smooth flow. Trying to think of words that rhymed without repeating the same word as used before was hard! For my revision choices I decided to take out one of my quotes that was sort of in a funky spot. I then realized that my poem was missing a metaphor, so I then added the quote "The dream was as big as the towers, it could never be taken away from me". By adding the quote my poem became more smooth and gave it a better flow than before.

A Leap of Faith

August 7th 1974 was a day to be remembered
Phelippe Petit would walk higher than any other
from a street juggler, to an American icon
Philippe had a goal that seemed could never be
conquered a bow and arrow with 200 feet of cable
was all it took to set free a dream
vaster than any others “The dream was as
big as the towers, it could never be taken
away from me” a quarter of
a mile in the sky was where he stood
balancing from side to side had never felt
so good walking from one side to the other
he completed his journey across the twin towers
a stunning eight times without any worry

Brutally amused of the man in the sky
a large crowd began to form thinking my oh my
45 minutes of shock and terror had gone by
it was now time to bring down the man
who was up so high, as Officer Daniels
began to tell the press
“It was an intimate performance”
acting as if he was never so stressed
carrying on his duty, Officer Daniels
quickly made the arrest as for the young
French boy had never felt so much success
day-to-day I strive for the best of me
to be like Philippe a go getter

is how I wish to be

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