Thursday, September 11, 2014

The poem that I wrote about Philippe Petit was to honor the the twin towers with memory of the tower that didnt have anything to do with 9/11.  My idea process consisted of taking what Petit did and writing a story about it in poetry form.  On my origional draft I left out a lot of punctuation that I have revised and I also changed the title and added a stanza.
Between Two Towers
By Victoria Castellano
High in the sky
A quarter mile above the street
Stood two identical towers,
The World Trade Center.
A man stood below
Gazing at the towers in awe.
A dream was born,
One that will not be forgotten.
A high wire artist named Petit
Came to New York with that dream.
A mission almost impossible,
He wanted to walk In-between.
A wire held high connecting the towers
Was where Petit achieved his dream
Many gathered, watching this man dance
Across a 1 inch wire 130 feet in length
August 7th, 1974 was the day.
Long before I was born,
But I wish I could have seen.
Maybe that would have inspired my dream.
Petit believed “you need dreams to live”
He inspired many people,
And made the front page of papers everywhere
Philippe Petit will forever go on in the history of the twin towers.


  1. I liked the wording that you used in your poem, and though it flowed really good! I also really liked you last stanza, where you talked about how seeing it could have inspired your dream! Great job!

  2. The structure of your poem was great! Especially liked how the fifth stanza had a different style of spacing, but then you brought it all together again in the very last stanza showing how Petit affect your life in this one event.

  3. I really liked how you used the twin towers and what Petit did in one poem. I thought that your word choices were great, and that overall the poem flowed really well.


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