Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Belly of the beast by Jenn Peddicord

 My goal for this poem was to be able to share the significance of not only Philippe's walk but also pay tribute to 9/11. I wanted to demonstrate the change of peoples perception of the twin towers, as well as show the similarities that the towers, our nation and Philippe have. In my revision I chose to add and describe more what I was trying to make with the parallels and bold lettering, further and include my experience and or reaction to The World Trade Center.

 The Belly of the beast
By: Jenn Peddicord

The twin towers
History was made
They stood.
1974, a dream was made
August 7th, Philippe Petit entered the “belly of the beast”
1,360 ft. below a crowd gathered
The outcome of his courage changed
The towers became
Once looked at as a burden, they became desired. Innovative.

27 years later that reputation was
A kindergartener, terrified by the horror
Not knowing  until years later, the hope that came before
It was also the day we coined the term
Never Forget
Indivisible, he stood.
Indivisible, we stand.
The towers: a visible representation of
Hope. Passion. Unity
Philippe, that day was one with the rope.
Demonstrating the ultimate  portrayal of
Hope. Passion. Unity.
United, We stand
United, We fall

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  1. I like how you set up your poem putting more emphasis on some words than others! This definitely added a lot to the poetic feel of your writing


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