Thursday, September 4, 2014

Revision on Exploration Two and link to the OED

There's the link to connect to the OED at OSU.  This is a great resource to really look into words!

REVISION: it means re-seeing.  Seeing again.  Making it new.

Go back to your ideas about the poem you choose in Exploration Two.  Now add a paragraph where you explain either your favorite or what you feel is the most important single word in the poem.  Then use the OED or another online dictionary to look up the history and use and meaning(s) of this word.  Study the word and its use a bit. It's fun and usually surprising.

Then on the blog tell us about the most interesting thing you found in your study of this word.  End your paragraph by using this word yourself in a sentence of your own creation.  I can bet you that if you do this you won't be forgetting this word soon.  Have fun!

When you are done revising your Exploration Two, update it and repost it so others can read it.


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