Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio add Tony and Danny

D: Are you a klutz?
T: Have you ever had your favorite pair of sunglasses break?
D: If so we have the solution for you.
T: Hi, I’m Tony and this is Danny and we are the inventers of swag sunglasses.
T: Swag Sunglasses are the newest product on the market.
D: With the new discovery of the 2oz flexible carbon fiber frame, we guarantee you 99.9% flexibility that still has a tight secure and comfortable frame
T: Also with a 4oz polarized lens made here in the USA, swag sunglasses are guaranteed to block out 100% of all haters and UV rays!
D: Swag sunglasses are great for biking, driving, running, the beach, or any type of physical sports.
D: With this limited time offer, me and my good friend Tony will include a soft protective Swag sunglasses case to protect your lenses from scratches.
T: Order within the next 10 minutes with a payment of $29.99, and your swag sunglasses will be shipped today for free!


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    1. lol at the name swag sunglasses the only thing is I think it is a little long for a radio ad and people may get bored and change the station but good stuff!


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