Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post Your Brainstorming and Questions in Comments here. From Mike Lohre.

1. Students, please post your four ideas for Essay One in the Comments section here, and then explain which idea you believe is the best and that you wish to pursue for this essay.

2. Also include two good questions that you might ask anyone in an interview.  Make sure they are not yes/no questions.

* What is the American Dream to you?
*What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced in your life, and how did you meet that challenge?

If we all brainstorm two good questions, then we can look at all of the questions in the comments here and put together a good list when we go out to do our interviews.

Remember, every chance to write is a chance to write well!



  1. 1. The Horseshoe
    2. Ohio Union
    4. Thompson Library

    The topic i believe is best for me would have to be the Horseshoe. I think this because Ohio state Football has played a huge roll in my life and it is one of the reasons i decided to come here instead of going to Ohio University or Dayton. Even though I couldn't go to main campus i took the back door approach to get in by using the off campus to transfer in after a year. I live right next to the stadium so finding people to interview would come easy for me.

    What is your greatest memory of the horseshoe?
    What is your first memory of The Horseshoe and Ohio State Football?

  2. Profile place- Spartan Stadium
    Profile person- Zedd

    I would like to do Lollapalloza if I am able to talk to anyone, it would be tough because its in Chicago

    ask: A artist to explain his experience at Lolla
    or someone that works there and ask how many people came to Lolla this summer.

    But if not I'll do Spartan stadium and why its the best stadium

    ask: How would you describe the stadium?
    How many people can fit in Spartan stadium?

  3. 1.) Profile Place-Gym
    2.) Profile Person- Edward Kim (A local co-owner or a law firm)
    3.) Profile Person- Debbie Lee
    4.) Profile Place- Kaya Grill

    I would like to do my first idea on the gym as my profile on a place. I chose the gym as my place because I see it in a different way then most people do, and I would like to give it more credit for how the gym can be a place for healing and therapy. I also spend at least a couple hours there everyday and know of plenty of people I can interview as primary sources.

    Questions: 1.) What does the gym mean to you, and why do you come here?
    2.) What made you start coming to the gym in the first place?

  4. My four ideas for this paper include Antrim Park, My high school art teacher, Mrs. Woodrow, my father, and Perry Park, which is the park right beside my house. The idea that I am going to pursue in my paper is Antrim Park. My whole life I have gone there, whether it was running laps around the pathway or just walking my dogs, Antrim Park has always been my go-to place when I want to just relax and take my mind off of things. The park isn't actually a typical park, Its a lake that has a 1.3 mile pathway circling it that also connects to the bike path. A couple of questions I would ask when interviewing include: How did you discover this place? and another question would be What is your favorite activity to part take in there?

  5. My ideas for Essay One:

    1. My mother

    2. My grandmother

    3. Mr. Noe (one of my highschool teachers)

    4. Crazzy Greek. The reason I would enjoy writing a profile on this restaurant is because I have worked there for about 5 years now and I would really enjoy getting to know our "regulars" even more by asking them a few questions.
    A couple questions that I would like to ask these customers are "what they think that we could improve as a restaurant", "what the docor/setting of the restaurant has to do with their experiance here", also ask them about food culture and what stands out from this restaurant compared to other places that they have been. I would like to know specifically what they like/enjoy most about this restaurant alone, and lastly I would like to know if they feel like we could expand our business and open up other restaurants locally.

  6. For my essay, I'm going to choose a person to profile. Four people I have in mind is my grandpa, a manager at work, a family friend, or a co worker. I will most likely choose my grandpa because he has many stories and life lessons to share at his age.

    1. What was a challenge you had to overcome in your life, and how did you overcome it?
    2. What was a major turning point in your life?

  7. Four potential ideas I had for this project are my manager at work, my grandpa, my mom, and my co worker. I think the best person for this essay would be my grandpa, because he has had an interesting life. I think it would be cool to learn more about him, and share it with the class. A couple questions I came up with are, what are some of your life goals? And, how do you work through stressfull times?

  8. For my essay I decided to do a place to profile. Four places that i though of were the dublin rec center, lifetime fitness, osu stadium, and Kevin Huelsmans dentist office. I chose the Dublin Rec Center which is a community gym located in dublin. I believe its the best place becasue I myself lift there as well as many of my friends.
    Questions to ask,
    1.When was the dublin rec center established?
    2.What are your day to day standards that need to be completed in order to fulfill your belief of what this rec center stands for?

  9. 1. My mother
    2. My uncle
    3. Yo-lish Frozen Yogurt
    4. Lindsay (family friend)

    I think the best idea would be to interview my uncle because I have always looked up to him as a kid. He has a lot of stories to share, including opening up his own yogurt shop. Questions I would ask would be "What was it like opening up your own shop and designing the decor and picking out the flavors?" "What was a challenge you had to overcome in your life, and how did you overcome it?"

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  11. 1. Powell YMCA
    2. Grandma
    3. Powell Library
    4. Saint Joan of Arc Church

    I think the best place that I can do is the Powell YMCA because my family have a strong connection with the YMCA. We have been members there for 11 years and have participated in many programs. My brother worked there so I could interview him.
    Q: How many programs does the YMCA in Powell have for teenagers to become involved in?
    Q: How have you seen a members life transform because of the programs they participated in at the YMCA?

  12. 1) Grandma
    2) Grandpa
    3) Delaware barbershop
    4) Aunt

    I believe doing a profile of my grandma would be the most interesting profile since im relativley new to ohio i dont know very many places i could do a profile on. My grandma also lived through a series of historical events since she was born in 1916. furthermore, since she was a black woman in a predominantly white america it will be interesting to see how her family as well as herself coped with some of the struggles that came along with that.

  13. 1. Worthington Library
    2. Worthington Farmers Market
    3. Mom
    4. Mr. Quart (High school teacher)

    I think that doing a profile on the farmers market that takes place at downtown Worthington every Saturday sounds like the best choice. This is something my family and I have gone to my whole life, and I have always enjoyed seeing the same people working the booths, and to see new people who have new things to show every time. Some questions I would like to ask is for the vendors: "Why did you decide to sell your goods to Worthington?" and for the people: "Where are your favorite places to go and why?"

  14. 1. The Short North
    2. Schneider's Bakery
    3. My older brother, Colin
    4. Mrs. Vescelius (former high school teacher)

    I think I am going to do my profile on the Schneider's bakery because it is a "mom and pop" shop that not a lot of people have heard of, let alone been to. It is a really cool and tiny place that has incredible donuts among other sweets and treats. This place is different because unlike most bakeries that open early for the bakers to start baking and preparing for the day, Schneider's opens up for customers around 1:30 am and has random weird hours all the time for customers to get a late night treat if they want!

    question 1(for owner): why did you decide to open up your business at early hours in the morning?
    question 2 (for customer): Why do you like coming to Scheider's Bakery?

  15. 1.Bob Walters
    2.Columbus zoo
    3.Archie Griffen
    4.Franklin conservatory
    I believe profiling Bob Walters would be the best idea because I have connections I could interview about bob via my mom who personally knows coworkers of Bob and my uncle who personally knows Bob. Two questions I could ask include...
    1.) How would you describe bobs overall character and drive?
    2.) What do you think Bob brings to the company?

  16. 1. Integrity Gymnastics
    2. My Mom
    3. My Coach Kristy
    4. Blaine Wilson

    I think profilingmy gym is the best for me because its one of my favorite places to be and I can interview the other gymnasts and coaches who are there every day.

    Some questions I would ask would be
    1. What is your favorite part about the gym and what is its signifcance to you
    2. What does gymnastics do for you in life outside of the gym


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