Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem by Nick Bogdue

In the poem that I wrote, I wanted to get across that at first Phillip Petit was hesitant to do it, but in the end he was completely calm about it. I also wanted to get the point across that he made, where he talked about how having dreams is essential. He proved that you should go for whatever it is that you want to do, no matter how hard it may seem. Before revising my poem I didn’t have that much of an emotional connection to it, and just stuck to the facts about the tight rope event. I added that last stanza, where I talked about how we should follow in Petits footsteps, and follow our dreams. Phillip Petit is a huge inspiration for all of us, because we all want something out of our lives, and should do all in our power to reach whatever that may be.

Overcoming Obstacles

Looking down from the top
Thinking it’s impossible
But looking up from the bottom
Realizes it’s just another obstacle

As time passes, starting to feel calm
Finding things to help cope
But he knows it will all change
When he walks out on that rope

The day has finally come
Phillip Petit has done all he could
It was a day that would go down in history
Phillip Petit understood

We all have goals, we all have dreams
Phillip showed us not to accept defeat
As Phillip said, “we need dreams to live,
Essential as a road to walk on and food to eat”

We can all learn something from Pettit
He showed us not to back down
Strive for what you want to do
Even if that’s tight roping 1350 feet above the ground

Sorry about the first stanza not being single spaced!!!!! Had some technical issues!


  1. I really enjoyed reading the poem, and I completely agree that we have to live our lives chasing dreams just like Petit did. Nice job adding the emotional part in the last stanza!

  2. I enjoyed reading this poem because if flowed together really nice and told a great story. The last stanza was also great

  3. I thought your poem was very successful when it came to solid rhyme pattern and a good flow and usage of words. This poem didn't feel like it was forced to rhyme either which is great.

  4. I really enjoyed reading your poem!! I loved how it wasn't a poem where every word had to rhyme but you had just enough to where it could flow together nicely! Great job!

  5. Hi Nick! I thought that your poem was very well written and the words in your poem flowed together very well. I specifically really liked the quote you used from Petit. Keep up the good work!


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