Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem by Kelen

While writing this poem, I thought about what would work well together. To help make the poem flow in a way. The one thing I kept seeing in my notes on the video were all the numbers. I began to put them together to see how they would work, and I liked what I ended up with. Then it was more about things people had said in the video. There were two quotes that I knew I really wanted to put in my poem. Once I had worked them in the poem I thought that was it. But then when I had to revise I realized I needed to talk more about myself in the poem. So I added two stanzas toward the end, that was more about my opinion of the video.

A Poem for Philippe
1,360 feet in the air
130 feet apart
Slender 1” cable
Is all you need to achieve a dream

Eight months to prepare
From January 1974 to August 1974
There was planning
And many failed attempts
Before Philippe Petit would “humanize” the towers

“You need dreams to live,
As essential as bread to eat
He said, “I would have felt myself dying,
If my dream was taken away from me
By reason”

I believe that reason can hold us back
From the things we want to achieve:
Our great dreams

And to be great
Can sometimes mean
 Be reckless
 Push the limits that reason has for us
And laugh in its face

 Because sometimes the things we need
Are the things that are the most


  1. I love the way you described the cable in the beginning of the poem! It gives you some suspense before knowing anything! You used a lot of numbers, dates, and statistics so it was very descriptive and let's everyone know how you were describing his accomplishment!

  2. I like the last three stanzas the best they have a lot of meaning and they're really cool

  3. All around great poem! I love your quote that says "Push the limits that reason has for us and laugh in its face". Everybody needs to push their limits to see what they are capable of achieving.


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