Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem By Bree Rooney

While I was writing this poem, I thought about all of the events that he went through leading up to the wire walk. I picked out the parts of his story that stuck out most to me. For example how he described New York city as being "dirty" and "loud" but he fell in love with it. Also how at first he felt like his dream of ever walking between the Twin Towers was impossible but he felt that it was something he had to do. In my revision I put a little more description in the lines. I broke up to stanza's to showcase each event and I added my personal reactions to some of the events.

Walking on the Wire
It was January of 1974 when Philippe Petit came to New York City
It smacked him right in the face, all the buildings and all the people,
And he fell in love with the city

He had a dream of walking between the Twin Towers
He at first believe it would be impossible
But nothing would stop him from trying on the morning of August 7th
Nothing would ever be the same

A quarter of a mile up above the busy streets
He began to take his first steps across the 1 inch cable
He crossed that 1 inch cable 8 times in 45 minutes,
Something I don’t think I’d ever have the bravery to do

Onlookers described being in awe as they watched
One officer recalled him jumping on the wire
Which would have made my heart stop if  I ever saw such a thing
The dreams that seem the most impossible
Are always the most legendary when  they become true events


  1. I really liked how you wrote the poem following the events of Petit all the way up until after his walk on August 7th. I wrote about the same concept of impossibilities of Petit's story but applying it to anyone's dreams if they desire it enough.

  2. I really think that it was cool when you described the scenery. I think that you did a great job of that. I think that New York is one of a kind so it is awesome that you described all its qualities. You said that I don't think I would ever have the bravery to do this. I think that is true for everyone, except a couple of people in the world. Really good poem Bree!

  3. I like how you wrote this so that it was almost like you are talking to your audience and not trying so hard to be super extravgent with your writing, it's simple but in a really good way. you tell us exactly what happens and are honest with how you felt and how you would feel if it were you!


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