Thursday, September 11, 2014

Philippe Petite Poem by Jarrod Mautz

It was an early mornin.  
A day of ease.   People small as ants,
feelin the cool summer time breeze.
while police stood watchin at the bottom,
weak at the knees. 

This guy is crazy, a man yelled out.
As the man on the tight rope
took his first step out.
Children pointed, laughin out loud.
As the man at the top 
jumped gracefully up and down.

The man on the rope was half way now.
As the crowd filled with excitement,
a women screamed out
Oh my god, he might make it!  
As the man looked forward
Never looking back, nor down.

The man took a deep breath
only a couple of steps now.
The people looked in awe,
admiring the bravery of the man
as he skipped across the last stretch
of the thin, tight rope, 
and took a bow.
All his hopes and dreams, 
all the sudden came true.
A man faced with adversity,
overcame all speculation,
and emerged victorious through.

Everyone's hopes and dreams, can come true
if only,   if only, 
we could all follow through.

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