Tuesday, September 16, 2014

OSUM Shoes-Jonathan Shim & Cory Smith

Jon: Statistics show that there is only one type of shoe that will make you faster.
Cory: OSUM Shoes has been made with the most advanced micro-spring in the sole of the shoe.
Jon: OSUM Shoes will give you that extra spring in your step to allow you to take off at greater speeds.
Cory: The shoe has been in the makings for many years and was originally tested by Usain Bolt.
Jon: Before only able to run at a speed of 4mph, now can run at up to 30mph.
Cory: Originally priced at $500, can now be purchased for $480.
Jon: But call now for a 2% off coupon!!!
Cory: You can never really put a price on your physical ability to impress the world.
Jon: Get your OSUM shoes today!


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