Thursday, September 11, 2014

For this poem I described a short summary of what really happened on August 7th, 1974. I used a rhyme scheme in my poem with every other line rhyming with each other. The poem talks about his gift and how he was first introduced to his dream. For my revisions i added another paragraph talking about how important it is to have dreams and goals because without a passion for something it is really hard to obtain that dream. It is important for everyone to be passionate about something because anything can happen for you with a little determination.

Conquering the Monsters
By : Mitchell Huge

Petit was born with something special
Balance is something that comes natural
His most famous act was sure controversial
But was only cut out for a handful

A dream came from a ride on a subway
He saw two monsters standing in front of him
Towering so high the buildings would sway
He felt a tingle run down his skin

Impossible is nothing but a word
Determination was all Phillipe could feel
He wanted to walk amongst the birds
And risk a pain that would not heal

The day had finally come
A series of lies had put their plan together
Petit began to feel unstrung
There was nothing to do but worry about the weather

He finally took the first step out on the Line
People began to crowd the street.
He is sure to expect a fine
His life is now in the hands of his feet

As the police made their way up the tower
He started to jump and dance on the line
His act was so good that they wanted to throw a flower
All the women wanted to wine and dine

All it took was a dream
I’m hoping one day I’ll find my passion
For him it was up on a beam
And one day I’ll live in a mansion

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  1. I like how your poem really maps out the video we saw but without being to boring. Your stanzas were short and sweet. which is how must young readers like it.


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