Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration 2 by Cory Smith

  Hello, my name is Cory Smith! I’m from Olentangy orange High School in Lewis Center. I skateboard, cliff dive, adventure and compete in snowboarding in my free time. I’m a freshman at the Ohio State University.  I’m undecided on my major as of right now, but I’m really interested in design and marine biology.  I've been all over Europe and to the Caribbean. My favorite place is Venice, Italy or Barcelona. 

I researched an American poet by the name of Tim Seibles. We read his poem, “For Brothers Everywhere” today in class.he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1955. he received his B.A. from Southern Methodist University and then continued to live in Texas, teaching high school English for ten years. he is now a professor of English and creative writing at Old Dominion University. And lives in Virginia. he has wrote many full-length poetry sets and books. 

I'm not very familiar with much of his text, but "For Brothers Everywhere", was really good. It was my favorite text we read today.  I liked that in italicized, he uses real language that would be used on a school yard basketball court. He even says writing this poem was like writing jazz music. Its very descriptive and sensual for its audience.

The most descriptive word to me and my favorite in, "For brothers Everywhere" is "pinatas".

"where brothers keep goin to the hoop, keep
risin up with baske'balls ripe as pumpkins
toward rims hung like piñatas, pinned."

 While reading Seibles poem, Pinata caught my interest because of the connotation behind it. Also not being a English rooted word, I was curious where it originated from. Seibles describes the basketball hoop with the simile of a pinata. I like this description because you can visualize the worn down basketball hoop in the schoolyard better. Pinatas originated and came from Spain in the 16th century. Today they are used at celebrations by all ages for enjoyment. It started of as a big ball of paper hung in ball rooms with items hidden inside, to now today being in many different shapes and sizes filled with candy. 
Every birthday in my family, it's tradition we get a pinata for the party.


  1. Hey Cory! SO weird, i graduated from Orange high school too, small world! I am really jealous of you that you got cliff diving a lot because i have only been once to the one place in Mansfield...I think thats where. but i want to go more! and I really want to go to Italy so I think its amazing that you've been able to go there!

  2. Cory, that's so cool that you compete in snowboard! I really liked your perspective on the poem!

  3. I also love to cliff dive and i also been to the Caribbean. We had a very similar perspective on the poem and the most important word in that poem.

  4. Venice is such a cool place, its crazy how that city is built. I've always wanted to go to Barcelona. I also like the use of italics in the poem it made it very easy to see dialog.


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