Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nick Bogdue and Chandler fullenkamp Radio ad

Radio Ad

Nick: Hey Chandler, did you hear about Ford’s new pickup truck?

Chandler: Of Course! Did you hear how many miles it gets to the gallon?

Nick: Sixty miles!

Chandler: Did you hear about the all-wheel drive it has?

Nick: No I didn’t! That should really be helpful during the winter!

Chandler: Yes it will!

Nick: Also, it has motion sensors all around it so it helps in those hard parking situations.

Chandler: How convenient!

Nick: And, it’s affordable!

Chandler: How affordable is it?

Nick: This wonderful truck can be yours for just a small fee of $30,000!

Chandler: What a deal!

Nick: Tell me about it!

Chandler: Where can I pick up one of these pick-ups?

Nick: You can get one at any of your local Ford retailers!

Chandler: I’m going to get one now!

Nick: Me too!


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