Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration Two from Danny

New York is huge
Hello, my name is Danny Lucia. I am from Powell, but I went to high school at Columbus Bishop Watterson. My fun fact was that I like to listen to music before I do things. I will listen to a lot of different types of music, but my favorite is rap. Some of the people that I like to listen to are Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Mac Miller and Drake. I also like to listen to bands such as The Killers, Vampire Weekend, Zac Brown Band and Panic At the Disco. I am the middle kid in my family. I am currently exploring for my major. Also, I enjoy playing sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball and cross country.

The author that I chose to research was Eudora Welty. Her father is from Ohio and he became a teacher in West Virginia. He met his wife in West Virginia, she was also a teacher. Welty got a job as a journalist, copier and photographer for the Works Progress Administration. The article that I read said that these latter jobs took her through Mississippi. From these experiences, she based her stories. She saw a lot of the problems that were happening in the 1900s in Mississippi. She was respected by many writers, but she was often times criticized by others as a oversensitive feminist writer.

The poem that I liked that we read about in class was For Brothers Everywhere. I like this poem because I love basketball and that was what it was talking about. I liked how the poem used slang so you could understand their culture better. I also thought that some of the slang terms were funny. I like how the poem was titled too. I like how it talks about almost every basketball move. Also it goes into a lot of detail, which I thought was creative. I don't have any questions about this poem except I don't know when it was written. 

My favorite word in the poem is thunderclouds. Thunderclouds are very interesting because they are very powerful. It is a powerful thing in real life and when used in this poem. I also like this word thunderclouds because whenever I think about them I get out of the way. When I see this in a poem about basketball I see it as telling people to get out of the way or you will get hurt. I can picture a big man raising up out of the air to dunk on someone. A thundercloud is a cloud filled with electricity that puts out thunder and lightening. A thundercloud is filled with energy and so are the basketball players in the poem For Brothers Everywhere.


  1. Hi Danny, Your blog post caught my attention after I read that you love listening to Kid Cudi. He by far my favorite rapper and I listen to him all the time. You definitely have good taste in music!

  2. Hey Danny! I think it's cool that you like Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Mac Miller and Drake, because i love all them too! I like the word that you picked out of the poem, Thunderclouds. I think that is an awesome sounding word, and think it would make a great band name!

  3. Hey Danny, I also like to listen to Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, and Drake. I chose the poem For Brothers Everywhere too for it uniqueness of using slang and the energy and flow it had.

  4. I agree 100% with your taste in music especially Kid Cudi. Also I find it funny that we played CYO against each other and now have college classes with one another. I like your choice of the word Thunderclouds, its crazy how a cloud can make so much noise and produce lightening!


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