Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nate Allen

For my poem I forgot to write in stanzas, so I just wrote a whole page about Phillipe's first attempt going across the cable. I tried to explain in depth about his first step and how he might have been slightly apprehensive about what he was doing and from there how he gained complete control of what he was doing.

No Turning Back

On the first step only his toe touches
Then his foot slopes slowly to wear his
heal meets the cable 
His comfort grows fast and in no time 
he is 5 steps out 

A lone bird flying in the sky see's
this marvelous intruder 
Half way out now and there is no 
turning back 

The feeling of a slight heaviness 
races across him 
But he was destined to walk this
line in the sky 

At a quarter mile high actions have
more serious consequences 
The first time is the worst time when 
you're at that altitude

With each step he gains more ground 
and before he knew it 
He had met the north tower

A thing you can learn from Phillipe Petit
is that no matter what you can't let 
others dictate your dreams and that is 
why they are your dreams 

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