Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration 2 By Mitch Huge

           My name is Mitchell Huge and i was born in a small township about 25 minutes southeast of Cleveland, Ohio. Something funny about me is that my grandma has a total of 10 animals.(4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 birds) I went to Kenston High School where the student population is around 1000 students. I played varsity basketball and golf while in school. I lived with my mother and my loyal dog Grady. In my free time i would hangout with my friends doing stuff such as playing Xbox, playing sports such as basketball, football, soccer, golf, ping pong, pool, and playing baseball. I recently have moved down to Columbus to go to college. My plan is to take one year of classes at the Delaware location then transfer onto main campus Ohio State. I am currently undecided on what i would like to major in but now I have been leading toward something in aviation or criminology.
            Frederick Douglas was born into slavery and had to live with the plantation owners. One of the owners was his father because he was the product of a rape. His mother died when he was around 10. Later in his life he made some attempts to flee his owners but failed. It wasn't till a free black woman named Anna Murray. He boarded a train wearing a sailors uniform along with papers of a free black man to also prove he is free. These facts were extremely interesting because it just shows how different of a time period we live in today. Life was cruel back in the mid 1800's.

            The poem i found most interesting was titled, For Brothers Everywhere. This poem really caught my eye because it is about basketball and basketball is easily my favorite thing to do in the world. I really liked how they cleverly used basketball language throughout the entire poem, making it really fun to read cause I understood every term that it used. One line that I really liked was the one that said "An with one shake they're pullin-up from the perimeter, shakin-bakin, brothers be sweet pullin-up from the edge a' the world, hangin like air its self hangs in the air." This line really made me laugh because I can totally picture the image that this entire scene entitles. Somebody with no basketball background would have no clue what any of this means but since i'm big into basketball this whole poem made complete sense to me.

            The word that really caught my attention was the word "Pinata". The line that it was used in really made it catch my attention because usually pinatas are something children use on their birthdays for fun but they put it into a new perspective saying the "rims are hung like pinatas". The earliest I found the word being used was in 1868. In this year a pinata was nothing but a large globe of paper filled with a variety of objects that hung over the dance floor. It wasn't until 1867 that the people would take turns hitting the pinata while blind folded. An ancient Aztec tradition for an Aztec god was that the priests would hit a ceramic pot filled with feathers and as the feathers fell to the feet of of an idol as an offering. People believe this is where the idea of a pinata came to shape.

"Nobody will truely know how many hits it takes to get to the candy and sweet filled center of a pinata".


  1. Hey Mitch! I am planning to do the same thing as you by attending classes at the Delaware campus for a year and then transferring into main campus next school year. I hope you're liking it here in Columbus!

  2. I went to Thomas Worthington Highschool and also had around that many students in our school, we had about 500 just in our senior class. I also plan on transfering to main campus next year, I am very excited!
    Also, I enjoyed reading your last paragraph because I to thought that was cool that this poet used a certain language that us a college students could relate to really easily. Happy blogging!!

  3. I also played golf in high school and plan on transferring to main campus next year. That's pretty cool how many animals you have. I also chose For Brothers Everywhere for the use of slang it had and how it is easier to relate to.

  4. I really like your interest in aviation and criminology, I also have high interest in criminology as I plan on becoming a Cop one day. It's cool that you were able to understand the basketball language throughout the poem, I also thought it was neat how he so smoothly interpreted basketball language into his poem.

  5. I think that's soo that you had the guts to move down to Columbus where you knew literally no one. It's cool that you are interested in aviation, because my brother just graduated from OSU as a pilot.
    I liked your perspective of the poem. It adds a realist sense to it to not only read and see what the writer is saying, but being able to imagine what that looks like. I like how you said the Author was saying the rim was the equivalent of a piñata to kid.


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