Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jess Miller

In class, we watched a video about Philippe Petit, and it was one of the most motivational and moving stories that I have ever heard.  In January of 1974, Philippe Petit flew to New York City for the first time and the more time he spent there, he developed the most ambitious idea.  On August 7th of 1974, Philippe decided that he would attempt one of the scariest acts he has ever tried.  His idea was to try and tightrope walk from one Twin Tower to the next.  He then proceeded to connect a 1 inch tightrope from the North tower to the South tower and stepped one foot out onto the rope, with the look of absolute happiness.  At no point did he show a glance of fear.  He danced, hopped, laid down on the rope and mentioned that he felt as if he was dancing on top of the world. 
In my poem, I explained things from Philippe's point of view and I tried to explain how he felt and what was exactly on his mind.  When I did revisions on my poem, I added a little more about the event, rather than just how he was feeling.  Otherwise, if you read my poem then you wouldn't really have any idea what or who my poem was about, you would just basically know how "he" felt. 

By: Jessica Miller

I have a passion.
A passion so profound;
A passion so life changing;
Something I crave to endure.
My passion as big as two towers.

I look up at that tightrope running from one tower to the next.
I could feel the fear radiating off the people below.
One woman scared for my life,
But fear was a lack of knowledge, for I thrive for ambition.
I was just itching to walk that tightrope 1,360 feet in the air.

This is my passion.
A passion so elegant;
A passion that only I am motivated by;
Something I had endured.
My dream is now fulfilled.



  1. I like how you described it in first person as if you were Phillipe and going through this moment. It makes it more personal and emotional. The way you ended it was also really great because it has the reader feeling accomplished themselves after reading it.

  2. I think it was pretty cool how you talked about the event rather than how he was feeling. I liked how your poem really had a different approach to it. I think that the descriptions that you used were great.

  3. I like how different your poem was from everyone else's. It gives off a really motivating vibe not just for Philippe but for I myself to go out into the unknown, and to capture my passion before it is too late.

  4. I really like how you made the first and last stanzas build on each other by making them similarly composed. I also like how you used strong words to make the poem sound more meaningful


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