Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jarrod and Nathan Radio ad

Jarrod: Hey this is jarrod here with my buddy nathan down here at bubbles n suds car wash.

Nathan: Let me ask you fellas a serious question! have you ever rolled up to pick up a date but you know your car is lookin crusty!

Jarrod: If the answer to that question is yes then get up off that couch and bring your ride into bubbles n suds and me and Nathan will have that baby lookin fresh!

Nathan: Plus This weekend here at bubbles n suds were havin the deal of a lifetime!

Jarrod: Here at bubbles n suds we've had cars lookin brand new for overs 45 years now.

Nathan: if you come over to bubbles n suds before this weekend we'll even add in a coupon for a free car wash! Now how sweet is that!?!

Jarrod: so bring that old car over to bubbles n suds while this offer lasts and we'll have that baby lookin crisp! Our guarantee or all you money back no questions asked.


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