Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration two: from Nick Bogdue

My name is Nick Bogdue, my fun fact was i play guitar and love music! I work at W.G. Grinders, but that's not the life goal. I am studying Psychology, and plan to be either a therapist or a school counselor someday!

I chose to do some reaserch on Frederick Douglass. I found a lot of interesting facts about him, but one main thing that really stuck out to me was that he not only was involved in the slavery movement, but also really pushed for womens rights.  He felt women should be treated as equals, and should have the right to vote just like men. He said he could not claim the right to vote if women didn't have the right to vote. I found this very interesting, and thought it was cool how he tried to not only help african americans, but women as well.
Here a link where i took my information from! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Douglass
I enjoyed all the poems, but if i had to pick a favorite, I think it would have to be Bury Me in a Free Land. This is the one that stood out the most to me, and the one i felt was the most powerfull. I like poems that really take you in, and poems that make you feel something. The stanzas in this poem flow wondefully and the timing of the words that were used in each line were perfect. Bury Me in a Free Land talked about the horror that slaves went through, but portrayed it in a poetic art form. It went into detail about the pain slaves felt, and used words that painted a very vivid picture. This was by far my favorite poem we read, and I look foward to seeing what other poems we are going to read!
I think my favorite word in the poem, Bury Me in a Free land, would have to be vain. It's a pretty simple word, but has a lot of meaning to it. I've heard this word being said many times, mainly in movies or songs. The Oxford English Dictionary described it as being worthless, or has no real worth or significance. The OED also used the term powerless, which is what i think of when i think of the word vain. Saying the word vain packs a lot of meaning, and comes across a lot stronger then just saying something like powerless or worthless. If I had to use it in a sentence, it would be something like, that girl is so vain, she is mean to everyone and always is in a bad mood. 



  1. Hey Nick, I found some really cool things when you wrote about Frederick Douglas. I really like how he pushed for women's rights too. I think if we give one kind of person the right to do something, everyone should be able to do that too. I also felt like Bury Me in a Free Land was a very powerful poem. I think that the title fits the story very well because a lot of slaves would do whatever it would take to be free. They would rather fight and die than be buried in a country with no freedoms. I think that your take on the word vain was very interesting and I learned what it truly means in the poem.

  2. Hey Nick! I really like how Fredrick Douglas sought out to give women rights like voting along with rights for AFrican Americans too. Its very important that women are just as equal as anyone else in this world. I am not really a feminist or anything but it is important that woman have the same rights as men(not just saying that because I'm a girl), that African Americans have the same rights as White, etc. because no one person or type of person should have more power over another. I also liked this poem too because of it's talk of slavery, for some reason I have always been interested in this movement and what it meant to be a slave and to be free and I think I like it because we(people in the present) have never had to experience anything as horrible as that and it's almost like a wake up call to how lucky we are today, to have the rights that we have.

  3. Hey Nick, I've never been to Grinders before but I've heard it is really good! I also found a lot similar things you found about Frederick Douglass. Like how he fought for women's rights too and how he wanted equality for everyone.

  4. I also found it interesting how Douglas was involved in women's rights also. He took the basic abolitionist at the time and one upped them in a way most people weren't used to!


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