Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration Two- Emilia

    My name is Emilia and my fun fact from the first day in class was that I have been out of the country 3 times to Canada, The Bahamas and the Caribbean, and to Mexico. I have played basketball since I was 7 at thepoint guard or shooting guard position. I love being with friends and trying new things, especially food! I listen to just about every type of music, except hard rock or metal..it scares me a little bit. I really like cooking new things that I find on Pinterest with my friends and going shopping...typical girl but I'm good at finding sales! I have three older brothers that are 7 and 9 years older than me and two dogs. 



     Tim Seibles is a former high school English teacher and is now a Poet as well as a  Professor of English and Creative Writing at Old Dominion University. He also teaches creative writing in teaching workshops where he lives in Norfolk, Virginia. He has written 5  collections of poetry in which some of his work has been published in many literary journals and magazines such as The Kenyon Review and the Electronic Poetry Review. What I found interesting about Seibles work is that he is very light-hearted but also serious at the same time. He uses a "cartoony" and playful style to write about more serious and complicated subjects such as racism, class conflicts and, intimacy. I like this about him because poetry can often be hard to understand and relate to, however, Tim writes in a way that most of his audience can comprehend and maybe even laugh about.


     My favorite poem that we read aloud in class today was "For Brothers Everywhere" by Tim Seibles. One reason I enjoyed it was because it was about the game of basketball which I love. I no longer play anymore so reading this poem and all the details and slang that was given allowed me to reminiscence on the days when I was in my high school basketball court playing and messing around and playing "street ball" for fun before practice started. Another reason why I like it was because it's true. This is what neighborhood basketball is about, and not just for black people or for white people, but anyone who is just playing a game, a game of basketball with friends, having a good time. When one sees or hears about people playing a game, this poem is what they think, "...pullin-up from the perimeter, shakin-bakin.." that's is truly what the game is and I like who he portrays basketball. What I noticed in the poem was how whenever Seible was use using court slang, it was italicized in the poem which is kind of a cool way to spice up his writing and add a style and some uniqueness to it. I also noticed the use of metaphors like the "well" at the end of the poem which also just helps to understand the poem and what the author was trying to portray.

     The most important word in the poem "For Brothers Everywhere" I  found to be 'brothers'.  Obviously the definition or explanation of a brother is no secret, it is someone, a male, who is from the same parents as another sibling or the son of the same parents. There are also many different forms of brothers such as half or step brothers. One very meaningful explanation of this word that is interesting however, is one who is regarded as a brother or who fills the place of a brother--a friend that one person never had. I think this is important because it's what the whole poem stands for-brothers, related by blood or just by friendship, being together on a basketball court letting time fly while they're "shakin-bakin" at the school yard playing ball.
Sentence: Tonight we go out on that court and play as brothers, fighting for the same outcome.


  1. I really like the perspective you had on this piece of writing. I think you brought an authentic and personable example by including how this poem related to you personally.
    One thing that stuck out to me was your sentence. When people hear the word brothers a lot of the time they automatically think, genetically. But here you chose to write it, as a common bond, the "brotherhood" as some would say. Fighting for the same outcome, to win, is a cool way to include the different meaning of the word because it creates a kind of symbolism of them walking out onto the court together, ready to compete, together.

  2. Hey Emilia! It's really cool that you have been out of the country 3 times! I've been out of the country a few times myself. I have been to Canada multiple times as well as Jamaica and most of the islands in the British, French, and English Virgin Islands.

  3. Girl we would get along realy well!!! Your entire first paragraph is so me! I love shopping, cooking, trying new things, I listen to about every type of music except for metal.. it also scares me haha!
    Also, you said "This is what neighborhood basketball is about, and not just for black people or for white people" and I really like how you explained that.. it's very easy to understand but straight to the point!!

  4. I am so jealous that you got to visit the Bahamas and Mexico! I've been to Canada as well as a kid but I've never been anywhere to the Caribbean! I love traveling as well! I've been to a bunch of places in the Middle East but hopefully my next stop will be somedwhere in the Caribbean!

  5. Hey Emilia. I have always wanted to travel outside the country, and that is so cool that you got to go to all those places. I also played basketball, and was a shooting guard.

  6. I've been to Mexico and the Caribbean too! I also chose For Brothers Everywhere because of the slang and how I can relate to it because I played basketball a couple years ago.

  7. Hey Emilia! I also love to travel and go outside the country to experience new cultures and food! Ive been to canada, mexico and all over Europe. I believe we went to the same high school, we should be friends.

  8. I agree with your music taste, metal just sounds like a bunch of loud noises and yelling. I also have two older brothers as well, one of which lives just outside of Norfolk which is ironic because that's where Tim Siebles lives!


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