Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exploration Two: Chandler Fullenkamp

My name is Chandler Fullenkamp.  I'm from Dublin and graduated from Hilliard Davidson.  I'm a freshman this year and I'm planning on transferring to main campus next year.  My fun fact was that I have traveled a lot including Hawaii.  I have one brother and two dogs.

Frederick accomplished many things in his lifetime.  He was a slave from Maryland that later escaped to New York.  Being illegal to teach a slave to read, Douglass was lucky that the owner's wife taught him the alphabet.  After her husband found out what she was doing, he disapproved, saying a slave would be dissatisfied with their condition if they learned how to read and demand freedom.  He was very determined to learn more so he continued to learn from the white children that lived close to him. He believed not only should African-Americans have equality, but also Native Americans, females, or any immigrant.  Just from simply learning to read and write he later became abolitionist, suffragist, author, editor, and diplomat.

My favorite poem from today would probably have to be the one by Tim Seibles titled, "For Brothers Everywhere."  In the poem, I liked how he used slang vocabulary because it makes it easier to relate to it and makes it an easy read. I think that using this vocabulary in a poem makes it stand out from others and makes it more unique. I noticed that the rows do not rhyme which each other also.  The question I have about this poem is what kind of poem is this called?

Since this poem has a lot of slang vocabulary, it is difficult to find most words in the Oxford English Dictionary.  So, out of the few words left, I chose the word summer.  Summer is described as the second and warmest season of the year.  Its uses are mostly to describe the type of year but it also can be used as a unit of time.  The origins of the word summer dates back to the year 825. What i found interesting about this word is how long ago the word originated.  My favorite season of the year is summer because of the warm weather.


  1. Hey Chandler, I found it very interesting how Frederick Douglas was a slave. I think that it is cool that he bounced back from this and was able to become an expert on the English language. The other thing that was interesting is that he learned from the white kids.I like how he saw that all different minorities should have equal rights. I also liked the poem For Brothers Everywhere because the slang made it unique.

  2. I think it's awesome that you have been to Hawaii! I've always wanted to go there and plan to at some point in my life! I'm planning on transfering to main campus next year too! I found it interesting when you talked about how Frederick Dougless's owners wife taught him the alphabet! He was pretty lucky for this to happen to him, becuase he made a huge impact in the world, and that might not have happened if not for her!

  3. Hey Chandler, it must have been amazing to be able to travel to so many different places! When I get older one of my dreams is to be able to travel all around the world and be able to experience the many different cultures the world has to offer. Being born in the United States, but having my parents that were both born in South Korea, I hope one day I am able to visit where my culture comes from. Switching topics to Frederick Douglas, I thought it was great how he was able to trick his way into learn the English language, which just showed how African Americans were on the same intellectual level as their white Americans. He was truly one of the greatest Americans to every live and will go down in history as such.

  4. Hey Tony, I wish i had the privilege to travel as many places you have. I agree completely that Tim Siebles use of slang an rhythm in this poem makes it unique and interesting.


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