Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration Two by Jonathan Shim

          My name is Jonathan Shim, and I am a freshmen here at The Ohio State University, and my fun fact was that I play the ukulele. I am very musical in the sense that music has been a part of my life as long as i can remember. I have also played the piano, guitar, bass, and a little bit of drums. I love all different styles of music and love to learn how to play these different pieces of musical art. I have many other interests as well as music, I love to play many different sports including soccer, which I hope to join an intramural team for at OSU. On my free time I also enjoy lifting weights and being outdoors whenever possible.

Labor Day Cookout

          Frances Harper was an African-American woman that pursued her passion as a writer/speaker. Unlike many other African-America writers she was actual born as a free woman and because of that she became an activist in many freedom movement parties, that included freedom on African-Americans and women who were denied many rights. Now she is well known and has become well-known for her many works she did as a writer and freedom activist.
Link to learn more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frances_Harper
          After reading some of the poems Frances Harper wrote, I found to notice that she was very anti-discrimination and hatred toward any and all kinds of people. One of Frances Harper's famous poems that I read today was "Songs for the People", and this was my favorite poem of hers because I felt that being a musician, I was able to truly understand the tone she was trying to express. I noticed that she had a parallel writing style like most other poets, but she was able to still make the language stand out in the other stanzas where she would explain who she would exactly be singing these songs for. She was able to use well organized syntax and well thought-out diction throughout those parts in the poem. Overall I enjoyed reading a few of her many, brilliant, works as a poet.
          While reading "Songs for the People" I found the authors diction to be very powerful in expressing her feelings behind the words. The word that stuck out to me the most was "weary" because music isn't only for entertainment, but research shows that music can also be used as therapy. The word weary comes from Old English "werig" which is to be tired, exhausted, miserable, or sad. The definition of weary is to have the feeling of loss of strength, languor, and need for rest, produced by continued exertion (physical or mental). endurance of severe pain, or wakefulness. The thing I found to be most interesting about the word, weary, is how that even in the definition it is stated that you can be weary, not only physically, but mentally too, which is something I don't think most people think about when they hear the worded used in today's society. An example of "weary" used in a sentence could be, "Even though the student had been getting plenty of sleep, he/she still felt weary from the ridiculous amount of work that his/her teachers gave them".


  1. I think it's cool that you play the ukulele! Definitely not an instrument that everyone plays. I agree that music is a great part of life. Everyone can enjoy at least one style of music!

  2. Hey Jonathan, I think that it is really cool that music has became a big part in your life. When you wrote about Frances Harper I found it interesting that she was born free. Also I think it was awesome that even though she was born free, she fought for other peoples freedom. I like how Frances Harper was really anti-discrimination and hatred. I think that more poets should be like her. I agree that this poem has great syntax and took a lot of skill to write.


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