Sunday, September 7, 2014

Exploration Two By Bree Rooney

     My name is Bree and I'm from Dublin, Ohio and I went to Dublin Scioto High School. I've been a gymnast since I was about eight years old and competed in both club and for my high school team. I am a gymnastics coach at Integrity Gymnastics and Cheerleading in Plain City, Ohio. I coach preschool gymnastics and lower level team. I also plan to do club gymnastics for OSU's team. My dad is OSU's rugby coach and was always my biggest supporter. Athletics were a big part of my life growing up and it still is. I originally wanted to major in Sports Medicine but changed my mind to Fashion and Retail Studies after to talking to several family friends who worked in the industry.

     When I researched Fredrick Douglas I found many interesting things. At the age of 20, Douglas escaped slavery. He later became an anti-slavery activist known around the world. The most interesting fact was that he viewed the Civil War as if it was a moral crusade. He viewed the North's victory as a rebirth of America being rooted with a new Constitution and with the idea of racial equality. I think it was interesting how enthusiastic he was for this new start and he had an impressive impact on the African-American community at this time.
     My favorite poem was Songs for the People by Frances E. W. Harper. This was my favorite because I liked the positivity of it. I liked how she was trying to inspire hope and happiness in people.The language stood out because she'd describe something dark and sad but then would say a happier alternative.It was probably a very uplifting poem for people to read during a time that was centered around racism and the need for racial equality.

    I liked the word abundant the best. It means plentiful or exisitng in large quantities. Abundant often is associated with things that are good or happy. For example is someone said there was an abundant supply of food. Food's always good so people would probably be really happy. This word originated in the late middle english time and came from the latin word abundare.


  1. Hey Bree! I'm sorry to hear that you went to Scioto, I ,on the other hand, went to Kilbourne! That's really cool though that you have been in gymnastics for so long, I also want to join an OSU club team for soccer, so good luck and have fun! Even though we might not agree on the better of the two high schools, I enjoyed the poem Songs for the People as well.

  2. Hi Bree! I went to Thomas Worthington. I think its pretty awesome how you not only do gymnastics but teach it too. I think joining OSU's club team will be really great. Good luck!


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