Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration 2 by Jess Miller

Hi, my name is Jess Miller and I graduated from Thomas Worthington Highschool.  I am a waitress at a small, family owed business called Crazzy Greek, known for the best gyros in town!  I played lacrosse for a few years and I was a cheerleader for about 13 years.  I have a few dogs, a Siberian Husky named Jaden, a Beagle named Chloe and a poodle named Zipper.  Also, a kitty named Garfield.  Lastly, the fun fact that I shared about myself is that I love ranch with my pizza!

Frances E. W. Harper was born free in Baltimore, Maryland, and published her first book of poetry at the 20 years old and her first book at the age of 67.  Frances Watkins Harper was a strong supporter of abolitionism, prohibition and woman's sufferage, progressive causes linked before and after the American Civil War.  Something that I found interesting about Frances Harper was that she worked as the first female teacher at Union Seminary in the year of 1850.  Also, She was connected with national leaders in suffrage, and in 1866 gave a moving speech before the National Women's Rights Convention, demanding equal rights for all, including black women.

We read the poem 'Songs for the People' by Frances E. W. Harper in class today, and this poem was my favorite because I felt as if it was one of the more relatable to our generation. In this poem it says "Till war and crime shall cease"  and we can still relate to that here in our generation for crime in still present.  It's a problem that has been around forever and a probelm that will never go away.  It's something that we as people, as a community and as a society that we ALL have to learn to cope with one way or another.  Although, I feel as if there should be less of a crime rate then we have today, but who doesn't wish for that, right?  The language of this poem stood out to me more than the others becaue it was more "modern" if you will.  I felt as if I could keep up with what she was talking about throughout the poem more than the others.  A question that I might have for Frances would be about why she decided to direct this poem to men rather than woman.  Obviously there is a point she is trying to make but I would just want to know why it was directed more toward men. 

A word that really stood out to me in this poem was "Strong".  The reason I chose this word is because it doesn't just have one set meaning, therefore when you read through this poem and come across it, it can mean something completely different to you than it does to someone else.  A few defnitions of this word are, the strengths of a person or thing, physically powerful/able to exert great muscular force, emotionally powerful, a great moral power, and so much more.  Although, you have to decide for yourself what the word 'Strong' means in your eyes.  This word is used in a grammatical sense, of noun and verb inflection.  It first attested in 1841, translating into the meaning of a German stark, used in a grammatical sense by J. Grimm (the terms strong and weak better fit German inflections).  "She sighed, remembering how strong-willed her father was". 


  1. Hey Jess! I went to Worthington schools too! I graduated from Worthington Kilbourne and also briefly played lacrosse! I agree with your view on how we all need to learn how to cope with society referring to Harper's poem 'Songs For The People'.

  2. Hi I'm Haia! I went to school down the street from you at Dublin Scioto! I agree with you on how strong could mean two completely different things. Some people live by that word in their everyday lives so it really makes you realize how important it is!

  3. Hi Jess. I also graduated from Thomas Worthington High school and I completely agree with how you described the word hope. So many people use it with one meaning and have no idea it can mean something different.

  4. Whats up Jess, Coming from a different city then Powell, Dublin or Worthington is pretty tough here because it seems like everyone here knows each other but you and Victoria seem like really cool people who i have somewhat got to know. Siberian huskies are my favorite kind of dog and I actually had a cat named Garfield as well when i was younger. I have a dog named Grady that is extremely overweight but cuter than anything in the world. Its nice to get to know you a little more and I'm excited with what lies ahead. Happy blogging to you as well:)

  5. Hey Jess! A lot of my friends have been to crazzy greek multiple times and I've never gotten the chance to go but I really want to! It sounds sooo good, you'll have to tell me what to get and when you're working! Im glad you think we could be friends cause i think we could too since we share a lot of the same interests! I actually saw you on campus last weekend but I didn't remember your name since we only met once...sorry!! but i definitely won't forget it again! Hopefully we can become friends throughout this semester cause you seem really nice and cool :)

  6. Hi Jess! I'm so jealous you get to work at a greek place i love greek food haha i also agree with you on the songs for the people poem. it brings a lot of hope. i also totally loveyour hair its so pretty!


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