Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exploration 2 by Jenn Peddicord

My fun fact was that my favorite season is fall. It's  my favorite season because I like to wear flannels and love watching the leaves change. I am a freshman at OSU and currently taking classes at the Delaware branch. I plan on majoring in Graphic Design and maybe one day having a business of my own. I work at Brain Balance, a tutoring and therapy center for kids with special needs and other learning disabilities.

I decided to research Eudora Welty. One of the interesting facts I learned about her was that she won a Pulitzer Prize. To most people that sounds like just another award, with not a lot of honorary meaning behind it, but as a Student who was formerly Editor-in-Chief of her schools newspaper, you might as well have told me I was reading about Channing Tatum or someone who now and days naturally commands attention. A Pulitzer Prize, is THE ultimate award you can win as a writer. It means you. are. it. in the literature world. Reading about her credentials not only made me more interested in her work but her life as well, for more information on Eudora Welty check out this link below!

My favorite poem we read today was Songs for the People by Frances E.W Harper. I enjoyed reading it because I like it wrote about something soo simple, yet so meaningful at the same time. How much music can and does do for people. I really enjoyed this piece because it didn't write about the sound that music makes but the need for it. Music is important. It is our way of communicating not only with ourselves but each other. Its our own way of expressing our emotions in more poetic, and profound way. In a way, we connect with music. That's why when people say, "I like this type of music," or "I don't like that song," it's because they don't feel a connection or meaning to the song or music in their life. That's the cool part. We all are drawn to different things, but connect with others by what they listen to and are drawn to musicians who write about things relevant to us. That's how we cope with things. That's how we deal with things. By meditating on it through music. A lot of the time we don't really think about why we are so drawn to a song until we have a bad day or until something happens that is parallel to the lyrics being sung. That whole concept is exactly what Frances E.W Harper was writing about in her piece and that is why I enjoyed it so much because it made me really think about the importance of music.

One word that stuck out to me in this poem was the word abundant. I just love what the word stands for. It is such a hopeful word. Overflowing. More than sufficient. Present or existing in great number of quantity. I also liked the way it was used in the poem.

"Not for the clashing of sabres,
For the carnage nor for strife;
But songs to thrill the hearts of men
With more abundant life."

So basically that stanza is saying that songs are not only to me sung when there is a war, or tragedy happening but songs are to be sung for those that have a lot to be thankful. Songs should be sung when things aren't great, but they should also be sung and reflected on when we have more than what we can cope with, going right. A lot of Frances E.W Harper's writing is based on racial equality and women's right, due to her empathetic perspective for those two topics, one for being a daughter of a freed slave and two being female and discriminated against based on gender. I like the symbolism of this stanza because it shows that you're always going to have abundant fighting in the world, abundant tragedy, an abundance of discrimination, etc. But, we also have abundant hope in our society, and for some of us we have more than enough to be thankful for. I think that's what she is trying to say, sure sing when times are tough, and sing for the hope of more to come in the future. But also, sing for the times where you have an abundance of something in your life.
One interesting thing I found about this word is that it is, historical. The word has been used for decades going back to 1382 and even earlier. It was included in the famous piece of writing, The Odyssey.
Sentence: We should not only perceive abundance as an outflow of good, but as a constant flow of upset as well. 


  1. Hi Jen, I also hope to one day have my own business! I ended up majoring in business though Graphic Design was actually one of my other top choices for my major. I noticed that your favorite season is fall and mine is too because its neither too hot nor too cold. I wish you luck in Graphic Design and one day accomplishing your goal!

  2. Jenn! Hey. So I really like your take on the poem by Francis E.W Harper. I couldn't agree with you more that the impact of music or songs on an individual is of great importance. It can be an escape or way of coping with something or just a way to have fun and I like that you hold that so highly in your values, i think more people should do that as well.

  3. Hey Jen. I also love the season fall. I like all the colors. I think it's amazing that you want to own your own business.

  4. Hi Jenn, I love that you work with speical needs kids! I did peer collaboration and high school and hey were honestly the highlight of my day

  5. Hello Jenn! I love fall as well. I think it can be one of the best looking seasons with all the leaves changing colors. Thats awesome you want to do graphic design! I'm still undecided but I want to do something with design as well.


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