Thursday, September 11, 2014

Danny Lucia: Poem Paragraphs

When I wrote my poem I tried to focus on how badly he wanted to achieve his dream. I also tried to give a lot of facts so that the reader would know when it happened. My poem shows that even though he thought it was impossible, with hard work he accomplished what he wanted to and more. When I wrote this I talked about his thought process. Also my poem talked about how crazy Philippe really was. I showed this by describing how little supervision he had. My poem shows how hard work can take out the nervousness in a person.

A Brave Man’s Dream
In the year of 1974, in the cold month of January
there was a man named Philippe Petit.
The story is about a man following his dream
and taking on the impossible
this was not for a reward
it was for his own satisfaction
countless hours of studying
the twin towers, which stood a quarter mile high.
His goal was crazy for a 24 year old
crossing a 130 foot gap,
as mine is getting a stable job.

The towers were designed by Guy Tizzoli
and they were about to be crossed by Philippe
who said he was writing an article
Philippe got his 1 inch cable and 
shot it across the morning sky August 6th, 1974.
Philippe was calm on the wire because
he practiced and studied very hard
so calm that he walked it an amazing 8 times
the people around him were spellbound said officer Meyers
he completed his goal with ease
Philippe said that you need dreams to live
and they are as important as bread to eat.

By: Danny Lucia


  1. Cool poem brotha man! Loved the line about the job. Also, Great dipiction of historical detail!

  2. Danny, I think you did a really good job on telling what happened in a detailed yet simple way. I also like how you included yourself in the poem and made fun a little, on how he tight roped over a building but you are trying to just find a job you like. I thought it was really creative!

  3. Good job man, I liked how you connected with Petit's story and added your own goal in your poem in contrast to his.And how no matter how crazy of a dream you have it can be made possible.


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