Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chandler Fullenkamp

For my poem, I described Phillipe Petit's dream of tight roping across the Twin Towers.  In the poem I used conventions such as, stanzas, dialogue of what people said, and enjambed lines.  During my revision, I added punctuation and a title to my poem.  I also added a few more words to some lines to give it better depth. 

A quarter mile in the sky

“You need dreams to live”
Someone’s dream was to dance in the sky.
A quarter mile in the sky
With the birds on an August morning in 1974.
Just walking on an inch above New York City
Above metal and concrete.

“Happy, happy, happy”
Dreams make you happy.
Finishing his dance in the sky was his dream
He lived his dream 8 times.
With the roar from below
Smiling the whole time.
Phillipe’s dream was to tightrope the Twin Towers.
“You need dreams to live”

By: Chandler Fullenkamp

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