Thursday, September 25, 2014

Profile of DJ Gregory. Posted by Mike for response Comments

Here is a profile of DJ Gregory made for the ESPN series.

Please watch and watch actively.  Take a few notes.

  • Look for images or details that others might not notice.
  • Think about the questions being asked and the sources used to get this story.
  • Listen for key ideas and notable things that are said.  Jot them down.

After watching the profile, use your notes and in the Comments section, respond by addressing these questions:

1) Share with us something from your active listening and viewing that you noticed that others may not have.  Something said? An image? Use your notes to share something.
2) What is the purpose of this profile? What feelings or ideas did you take away from it?
3) Connection to your life.  Does DJ remind you of anyone in your life? Do you have a friend or family member who has a disability or even a 'crazy' dream that reminds you in some way of DJ?

DJ Gregory on the PGA tour.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Radio Ad by Kelen Jones and Bree Rooney

“Salon professionals say that the average person should wash their hair up to five times a week.”

“Research says that people prefer the citrus fruit scent to the fresh scent of shampoo.”

“So why wouldn’t you use Herbal Essences’ citrus shampoo”

“It is safe to use every day, without drying out your hair.”

“It’s safe to use on color treated hair”

“It leaves hair silky smooth and smelling great.”

“Use Herbal Essences for great hair.”

Tori: Have you ever woken up feeling gloomy, exhausted and not motivated to get up out of bed?  Well there is a simple solution to your troubles.  Fuzzy Wuzzy laundry detergent will make your bed sheets smell so refreshing and delicious; you’ll wake up in the morning in a great mood and be ready to start your busy day.

Mitch: The secret is in our special formula.  We use a unique blend of lavender, raspberry, and love in our Fuzzy Wuzzy laundry detergent. Every morning you’ll wake up on cloud 9. Even the gloomiest mornings will leave you waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. The aroma will leave you feeling happy and take your sense of smell to a field full of flowers.

Jess: The amazing smell will blow your mind and quite possibly even change your life. Purchasing Fuzzy Wuzzy laundry detergent will be a decision you won’t regret.  Everyone is talking about Fuzzy Wuzzy laundry detergent, everyone is using it!  Fuzzy Wuzzy laundry detergent is a must! Go out and buy it now!

Victoria Castellano, Jess Miller, Mitch Huge

Nate Allen radio ad

Nate Allen

Pathos-based ad for a laundromat

The Locker Room

Are you tired of no one wanting to talk to you because your clothes stank?
Then drag yourself into the locker room laundromat for man stank
Where you wont be judged for smelling like a septic tank
We have 40 washer and dryer combos and are open 24 hours a day
You can also choose from a wide variety of unique manly smells like
bacon, diesel fuel exhaust, and t-bone steak
And these are just a few of over 40 different smells to choose from
I look forward to seeing come in to our store on North High St.
next to buckeye donuts and make sure to have a smell free day

Radio add Tony and Danny

D: Are you a klutz?
T: Have you ever had your favorite pair of sunglasses break?
D: If so we have the solution for you.
T: Hi, I’m Tony and this is Danny and we are the inventers of swag sunglasses.
T: Swag Sunglasses are the newest product on the market.
D: With the new discovery of the 2oz flexible carbon fiber frame, we guarantee you 99.9% flexibility that still has a tight secure and comfortable frame
T: Also with a 4oz polarized lens made here in the USA, swag sunglasses are guaranteed to block out 100% of all haters and UV rays!
D: Swag sunglasses are great for biking, driving, running, the beach, or any type of physical sports.
D: With this limited time offer, me and my good friend Tony will include a soft protective Swag sunglasses case to protect your lenses from scratches.
T: Order within the next 10 minutes with a payment of $29.99, and your swag sunglasses will be shipped today for free!

Emilia and Jenn: Pathos Based Ad for Shampoo

Hate being the girl who always has a bad hair day?

Tired of breaking the bank on useless hair products?

Pantene is the solution for you!

Get salon styled hair with Pantene's various product lines.

Got frizz?

Give it the finger with Pantene's smooth and sleek shampoos and mists!

Tired of your curls falling out after all your hard work?

Use Pantene's stylers slip proof products for maximum hold!

Pantene experts bring science to beauty making your hair healthy and hydrated.

With Pantene, you can say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to great hair!!

Post Your Brainstorming and Questions in Comments here. From Mike Lohre.

1. Students, please post your four ideas for Essay One in the Comments section here, and then explain which idea you believe is the best and that you wish to pursue for this essay.

2. Also include two good questions that you might ask anyone in an interview.  Make sure they are not yes/no questions.

* What is the American Dream to you?
*What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced in your life, and how did you meet that challenge?

If we all brainstorm two good questions, then we can look at all of the questions in the comments here and put together a good list when we go out to do our interviews.

Remember, every chance to write is a chance to write well!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jarrod and Nathan Radio ad

Jarrod: Hey this is jarrod here with my buddy nathan down here at bubbles n suds car wash.

Nathan: Let me ask you fellas a serious question! have you ever rolled up to pick up a date but you know your car is lookin crusty!

Jarrod: If the answer to that question is yes then get up off that couch and bring your ride into bubbles n suds and me and Nathan will have that baby lookin fresh!

Nathan: Plus This weekend here at bubbles n suds were havin the deal of a lifetime!

Jarrod: Here at bubbles n suds we've had cars lookin brand new for overs 45 years now.

Nathan: if you come over to bubbles n suds before this weekend we'll even add in a coupon for a free car wash! Now how sweet is that!?!

Jarrod: so bring that old car over to bubbles n suds while this offer lasts and we'll have that baby lookin crisp! Our guarantee or all you money back no questions asked.


Nick Bogdue and Chandler fullenkamp Radio ad

Radio Ad

Nick: Hey Chandler, did you hear about Ford’s new pickup truck?

Chandler: Of Course! Did you hear how many miles it gets to the gallon?

Nick: Sixty miles!

Chandler: Did you hear about the all-wheel drive it has?

Nick: No I didn’t! That should really be helpful during the winter!

Chandler: Yes it will!

Nick: Also, it has motion sensors all around it so it helps in those hard parking situations.

Chandler: How convenient!

Nick: And, it’s affordable!

Chandler: How affordable is it?

Nick: This wonderful truck can be yours for just a small fee of $30,000!

Chandler: What a deal!

Nick: Tell me about it!

Chandler: Where can I pick up one of these pick-ups?

Nick: You can get one at any of your local Ford retailers!

Chandler: I’m going to get one now!

Nick: Me too!


Radio Ad by Haia and Mary


“The new trend everyone’s been fusing about”

“Everyone who’s anyone wants a pair”

“Do you have any?”


“Wear them anywhere; to the beach, on your way to school, or even to the mall!”

“Do you want fit in your first year of high school?”

“Do you want all the boys to run after you?”

“And break the ice by making new friends?”

“Get yourself a pair of Oakleys!”

“You can make new memories your summer of 2015 with a new pair of shades”

“Stop into Sunglass Hut today and you can get your second pair of sunglasses 20% off!”

OSUM Shoes-Jonathan Shim & Cory Smith

Jon: Statistics show that there is only one type of shoe that will make you faster.
Cory: OSUM Shoes has been made with the most advanced micro-spring in the sole of the shoe.
Jon: OSUM Shoes will give you that extra spring in your step to allow you to take off at greater speeds.
Cory: The shoe has been in the makings for many years and was originally tested by Usain Bolt.
Jon: Before only able to run at a speed of 4mph, now can run at up to 30mph.
Cory: Originally priced at $500, can now be purchased for $480.
Jon: But call now for a 2% off coupon!!!
Cory: You can never really put a price on your physical ability to impress the world.
Jon: Get your OSUM shoes today!


Links for Nate Allen from Mike

Nate, here are a couple of videos (one just a very popular song video made by profile filmaker Ben Dowden, the other a profile documentary on Dub FX).  Watch them and listen and watch the short documentary closely.

  • What do you learn in this profile?  
  • What images, clips, or photos stand out? 
  • What things that are said and quotes are most memorable to you?  Why?

Put your comments in answer to these questions below this post in the Comments.  Thanks!


Dub FX and his fiance Flower Fairy  this is his most popular song on YouTube, done with another busker (street musician) named Mr. Woodside.   this is the documentary you should write Comments for.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Nathan Finneran

While writing this poem I tried to use my notes on the video in order to get the big picture as far as the events go. I approached writing this poem by making the events leading up to Phillipe's tight rope walk in the first stanza and the actual event in the second stanza. As far as revisions go I made a few changes with wording and structure. I tried to "add me" to my poem but found it didn't flow with the original poem.
Strolling Through the Clouds

Years of preparation for a one day show
Thinking about his moment, the whole city below.
130 feet separating each symmetrical high-rise
A quarter mile high, to fall would surely be his demise.
With only an inch thick cable, Philippe Petit was going to do it
It was his dream; there was no way he would submit.
Disguised as a construction worker he prepared his stunt
After 7 years tomorrow, his dreams he would confront.

The next morning he stood atop the towers, it was finally his time
He took his first step onto the wire, not much thicker than a dime.
After a few steps he grew confident with his stride
He had no idea it would make him front-page news worldwide.
After a few crosses spectators began to gather in amazement
And even when cops arrived he stayed on the wire rather complacent.
Once satisfied, he returned to the roof and was detained
But the astonished tower owner dropped the chargers and Petit’s freedom was regained.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nate Allen

For my poem I forgot to write in stanzas, so I just wrote a whole page about Phillipe's first attempt going across the cable. I tried to explain in depth about his first step and how he might have been slightly apprehensive about what he was doing and from there how he gained complete control of what he was doing.

No Turning Back

On the first step only his toe touches
Then his foot slopes slowly to wear his
heal meets the cable 
His comfort grows fast and in no time 
he is 5 steps out 

A lone bird flying in the sky see's
this marvelous intruder 
Half way out now and there is no 
turning back 

The feeling of a slight heaviness 
races across him 
But he was destined to walk this
line in the sky 

At a quarter mile high actions have
more serious consequences 
The first time is the worst time when 
you're at that altitude

With each step he gains more ground 
and before he knew it 
He had met the north tower

A thing you can learn from Phillipe Petit
is that no matter what you can't let 
others dictate your dreams and that is 
why they are your dreams 

Tony Frantz Paragraph & Poem

For my poem I decide to write the first stanza all about Philippe and the second stanza all about the reactions of the people watching. Throughout the poem I gave it my best shot to make it rhyme and have a smooth flow. Trying to think of words that rhymed without repeating the same word as used before was hard! For my revision choices I decided to take out one of my quotes that was sort of in a funky spot. I then realized that my poem was missing a metaphor, so I then added the quote "The dream was as big as the towers, it could never be taken away from me". By adding the quote my poem became more smooth and gave it a better flow than before.

A Leap of Faith

August 7th 1974 was a day to be remembered
Phelippe Petit would walk higher than any other
from a street juggler, to an American icon
Philippe had a goal that seemed could never be
conquered a bow and arrow with 200 feet of cable
was all it took to set free a dream
vaster than any others “The dream was as
big as the towers, it could never be taken
away from me” a quarter of
a mile in the sky was where he stood
balancing from side to side had never felt
so good walking from one side to the other
he completed his journey across the twin towers
a stunning eight times without any worry

Brutally amused of the man in the sky
a large crowd began to form thinking my oh my
45 minutes of shock and terror had gone by
it was now time to bring down the man
who was up so high, as Officer Daniels
began to tell the press
“It was an intimate performance”
acting as if he was never so stressed
carrying on his duty, Officer Daniels
quickly made the arrest as for the young
French boy had never felt so much success
day-to-day I strive for the best of me
to be like Philippe a go getter

is how I wish to be